Friday, 20 March 2015

Annabelle's Wigs 3 Ways Challange

Hello Everyone!

Today I will be showing you three very easy styles you can do with a 3/4 wig.

I was sent a hairpiece by Annabelle's Wigs to participate in this Challange, the 3/4 wig they matched me to was 'Rebecca' a long hairpiece with subtle highlights which turned out to be a pretty good match to my natural hair colour.

So without further ado here we go (be warned, it's selfie central up in here).

Obviously you could just wear the hairpiece flowing and without styling to get lovely thick long tresses, as this isn't exactly a 'do' I'm not including it as one of the three but I couldn't resist adding more selfies to this post (I spent hours taking pictures I'm going to share as many as I can, please smack me if I end up going all Kim K with quantity)

The first real style I attempted was a cascading rope braid, I used my real hair to work into the hair piece from my parting, you take two pieces of hair (in this case, one from the hairpiece and the other from my real hair and cross them over each other, keep adding hair from either side as you work down your hair - like a french braid but with two sections instead of three.
For those not familiar with the technique, there's a tutorial here.

Next I made a nice side bun, I went with a very spring style by pinning a floral hairpiece randomly around the bun, I also back combed a bit to get added crown volume, I realised after I took these pics that it was a bit uneven at the back (ok more than a bit) but if you were doing this for real you would obviously do better checks before you left the house.

Finally I went for a gathered bun at the nape of my neck with some serious backcombing and a hairband for added bling/hiding the join between your real hair and your hairpiece.
I used pins to secure the loose bun at the back.

So there we have it, hope you have enjoyed looking at my shameless selfies, incidently, if you'd like to see more of me but with added hashtags (#nofilter #hair) check me out on Instagram and follow *plug plug plug*

How would you style this hairpiece? What do you think of these looks?

Rosy xxx


  1. I love that braid on you, so pretty! I've never been good at this sort of do but that might be something to do with my hair being fine, so a little extra would definitely help x

    1. My hair is very fine, i was never good either but some YouTube tutorials taught me a few tricks :)
      Rosy xxx

  2. The rope braid looks so pretty! x

    1. Thank you, the rope braid is my go-to look :) xx

  3. aah the flowers look so pretty! amazing how well it can be styled

    from helen at

    ps. win the rose gold GHD styler and hairdryer on my blog here!

  4. That side bun is so gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, it was really fun to do.

      Rosy x


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