Friday, 16 January 2015

HotHair 3/4 Wig 'Brianna' Review

Hello Everyone!

My oh my do I have an exciting one for you today, a review of the most gorgeous 3/4 wig from HotHair.
I was offered the chance to try a hairpiece by HotHair from Michelle from TSNC Blog (check her out she has some great content!) and I was very excited to see the 'Brianna' piece in the review line up, as I already have longish hair, this was a piece I thought would really show a difference, and I wasn't disappointed.

After finding the parcel in my car (my postman apparently engages in breaking and entering vehicles when I don't answer the door), I couldn't wait to try it out, and I have been trying it out for the past few weeks.

The hair piece came packaged nicely in a logo box with tissue paper wrapping and a cardboard insert to keep the hair in place, the hair was in net to keep it pristine.

The hair itself was colour matched to me after sending pictures of myself via email, I was matched to the shade 'Ginger Brown' and I couldn't believe it when it turned out to be an exact match.
Made of a high quality synthetic fibre made to look and feel like real hair this wig comes with a slightly waved style and as it is synthetic, heat styling must never be used.
I personally think it felt just like real hair and clipped in, my other half couldn't tell the difference between my hair and the wig (apart from length obviously)

The wig is so easy to fit in, I either slide it in just below my crown and cover the join with my real hair, or I slide it in above my crown and use a hairband to hide the join. It feel comfortable to wear and with the combination of clips and slides, it won't budge wen you're out and about.

So let's commence with the selfies.

Here I am with my natural hair and hair length:

And here is the difference:

In that picture I'm using my own hair to cover after placing the wig just below the crown.

Here is a pic of me using a headband to cover the join after attaching the wig above the crown:

And one from the side with the hair going down my back:

So overall I think you can tell I love this, like seriously love. Heart emojis, the works.
Have you tried anything from HotHair?

Toodles xxx

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  1. It looks so lovely I'd never have known you even had it in! // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Thank you, I know! It's the best hair piece I've tried by far xx

  2. ooh love the colour of it!

    from helen at

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    1. Thank you it's been one of my favourite items to review x


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