Saturday, 31 January 2015

Home Delivery Pet-Shop - The Way Forward **warning contains cute pet pics**

Hello Everyone!

So today we are talking about PetShopBowl, a nationwide home delivery service catering for the needs of our furry friends.
The idea of the website came from the founder after watching the struggles his mother went through trying to carry heavy pet food and cope with last minute dashes to supermarkets to stock up all while dealing with arthritis.

With supermarkets and specialised pet shops getting more and more expensive, many of us are looking for alternatives without sacrificing quality, this is where Petshopbowl come in.
So what do they do? Well on their website they state:

  • We stock over 10,000 products and all major brands of pet food and supplies
  • We offer a unique subscription service called BOTTOMLESS BOWL to ensure you never run out of pet food again.
  • We deliver everything straight to your door and offer free delivery on all orders over £19.99
  • We aim to provide excellent customer service

Now it's no secret that I love my pets, I have two dogs who are basically attached to me 90% of the time, so when PetshopBowl  offered me the chance to try out some of the products they offer I was more than happy to participate (or should I say my doggies were!)

This is what I received:

First thing I need to comment is how incredibly generous this box of goodies was - I was asked the breed and name of my doggies and also asked if there was any dietary issues or any likes and dislikes before this goodie bag was put together, this showed a genuine compassion for my pets rather than taking a 'One Size Fits All' approach.
Secondly I would like to comment on how fast the delivery was! I was informed something had been popped in the post and a day later it was in my kitchen!

So what was in the box?

Roadkill Squirrel - now I couldn't find the squirrel on their website anymore so the link goes to a similar Roadkill Fox.
My dogs loved this, I'm sure they would offer up heart emojis if they could.

It started friendly enough,

I couldn't get a clear picture of 'the kill' as they were both trying to win and running all over but eventually there could be only one winner...

The little one, obviously ;)

Next I was sent a selection of food and treats:

Canagan Large Breed Dog Food
Almo Nature Chicken and Brocolli
Almo Nature Tuna and Rice
Munchies Chicken and Cheese natural Dog Treats

I was particularly impressed with the food as I used to be a pet nutrition adviser in a previous job and I'm very into reading the compositions of various pet foods and these are pretty good, the pups loved them!
Also, needless to say, the treats went down a treat too *pun intended*
(Note: you should always change pet food over the period of a week or so gradually mixing it in with the last of your pet's usual menu to minimise risk of an upset tummy - the following picture sees my doggies eating a mix of my usual foods and some of the above mentioned food)

Suffice to say this has been a very fun review to participate in and I really enjoyed bringing my 4 legged best friends to Sparkles of Light.

Do you have pets? What do they love to eat?

Rosy xx
*PR Sample


  1. My Jasp will literally eat anything haha he would love anything from here!

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Haha mine are like that too, hoovers!

  2. Great blog post :)

    Lovely blog :) <-- new post about skin care would love to know your thoughts

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  3. Oh, your pups are adorable! I have 2 also, and they love EVERYTHING. Love seeing peoples furry children :)

    1. Thank you :) I love seeing people's pets too :) x

  4. awwww awwww so cute


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