Saturday, 4 July 2020

My Perfect Sister by Penny Batchelor

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you're all doing well and getting at least a little bit of sun (unfortunately it has rained here for a week now!) 

I don't know about you, but for me the arrival of summer means one thing, extra reading time!

I tend to get in more reading during the day when the weather is nice because the children play in the garden and I get to sit out and get stuck into another world between the pages.

Lately I've been reading My Perfect Sister by Penny Batchelor - a new release with an interesting premise,

Anna is a very young child when her older sister, Gemma,  mysteriously disappears without trace. The family life Anna knew is suddenly changed forever and she feels as if she now lives in a strange limbo where everything is shadowed by the memory of her sister.
Resentment only grows inside Anna over the years as she feels neglected, unloved and unable to compete with a perfect person who is no longer there and thus, she leaves home as soon as she is legally able to pursue a life outside of being the tragic sister of a missing child.
Life doesn't run smoothly for Anna as she bounces from jobs and relationships, never fully feeling like she belongs but eventually, duty calls and Anna finds herself reluctantly returning home to nurse her mother who is suffering from cancer.
Relationships aren't improved when Anna discovers that her sister's room still stands in a shrine like state but her own childhood room has been used as overspill for her mother's life. 
Anna realises that she needs to find out what happened to Gemma in order to be able to continue with her own life.

This was a relatively quick read for me and was an impressive debut novel, I absolutely love a family drama especially those that focus on fractured parent/child relationships. Thank you to Red Door Books for sending me this engaging read and I can't wait to see what else this author delivers.

Have you read any good books recently?

Till next time,

Rosy x 

Monday, 22 June 2020

Relaxing From Home

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Hello Everyone,

Staying at home has been the norm for the majority of us for these past few weeks and although I do enjoy getting out for walks, I’ve started to really embrace being home and enjoying a more simple life.
When at home, the cat follows me everywhere!

Wearing : LoungeWear From FemmeLuxe Finery *

One thing I quickly realised at the beginning of social distancing and staying at home was that I didn't own any lounge wear! I had always had my day clothes and pajamas and that was it, there was no in between but lately that has all changed.

PMD Collagen Mask

A face mask is something I've come to yearn for, I pick an evening when my other half is away at work, the children are in bed and the dogs are chewing on a bone to take time out to pamper myself. I've talked several times about my love for my PMD products in the past and I'm still sticking by my original thoughts, I love their range, My PMD Clean is one of the few things I always make sure I have to hand. Lately I've been using the PMD anti-ageing, collagen infused sheet masks that I was very kindly gifted, they work beautifully as a weekly treatment to smooth and plump skin and can be used solo but are especially designed to work alongside the PMD clean systems. My face always feels baby soft after using one of these masks and when I wake up in the morning, you'd easily be fooled into thinking that I've had my full night sleep!

I've been really vocal about the importance of self-care on this blog, even down to the HUGE HIATUS I took from blogging last year to focus on my personal well being.

Being at home with everyone can be stressful, little things can get on top of you and there's little escape when everyone else is also feeling the same way, that is why relaxation is something that has been extremely important to me.

One of my ways of zoning out has been to stick on a good podcast. My favourite listen has to be the Mile Higher Podcast which focuses on true crime, conspiracy theories and some niche but interesting extra topics, I've listened to it since the very first episode and I look forward to the new episode every week.

If you know anything about me you'll know that reading is a huge passion of mine. I spend more time reading each week than I do on any other hobby. I have a whole YouTube channel dedicated to all things bookish. so it goes without saying that I spend my life with my head in a book.

Writing is something I've done for years but I've been taking it more seriously lately, I find that wearing something comfy, getting a nice cup of tea and sitting at my laptop has been very soothing for me and I love letting my creativity loose, who knows, one day I might have my own novel out!

How do you spend your downtime?

Till Next Time

Rosy xx

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Should We Be Talking To Children About Race, Gender and Sexuality?

Hi Everyone,

Today I'm sharing a little something different, a discussion about if we should be talking to children about race, racism, gender and sexuality.

It's something I've seen various debates about online so I've put forward my thoughts on the matter.

Let me know your thoughts and feelings below.

Till next time,

Rosy xx


Monday, 8 June 2020

Places I Want To Travel After Covid

Hello Everyone.

I hope everyone is still doing really well, I feel like we all could use a break from 2020 at the moment and it got me thinking about where I'd like to go to get away from it all.

Obviously I can't travel yet but it doesn't stop me dreaming of future getaways because I do love to travel.

First place that I'd like to see again is Florida. Now, I have been to Orlando and Clearwater in Florida but I was newly pregnant and very very sick for the whole trip, in the end, I ended up HATING the holiday and I even made a controversial video about the 10 Reasons I Hated Disneyworld Florida which earned me a fair amount of hate, but the truth is, I was pregnant and grumpy and I'd like to give Disney a second chance!

Next up, I'd love to visit Australia - something about it being the other side of the world entices me, 
Australia may have a reputation for huge spiders and killer snakes but I'm willing to give it a go to see some of those amazing beaches and a chance to mooch around Sydney.

Next up on the list is Germany, I lived in Germany for a while and I miss it so badly, I'd love to take my children to see the cities I spent my early 20's in, Dusseldorf being one!

I also want to spend more time visiting the Scottish Islands and being that I live in Scotland, these are the easiest travel options on my list. I've visited a fair few of them in recent years and I have to say, they never fail to take my breath away. This time I'd like to venture further out and visit Shetland.

Another place that interests me greatly is Canada. I'd really like to do the cheesy tourist thing and see Niagra Falls. I under no illusions that there are many beautiful places to see in Canada outside of Niagra Falls but I have a personal reason to want to see them in person and that is why they've jumped high on my list.

Another place high up on my bucket list is New England, in particular - Maine. Between the sunning coastline, the picturesque lighthouses and the fresh seafood that I've heard so much about, Maine sounds like the sort of place that I would absolutely love. In further 'walking cliche' I'd like to mention that I also have a massive urge to visit Salem in the Autumn...

Where are you hoping to visit?

Till next time,

Rosy xx
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