I'm available for freelance hire

I pride myself in being able to produce a variety of writing styles depending on your personal requirements, from the informal and conversational style I tend to favour in my own blog posts, to a more formal style of writing which can be free of personal opinion if needs be.
Having successfully maintained my current blog for four years and worked with outside media outlets in either printed or online format, I am confident about producing a professional result every time.

Why hire me?

Quite simply, I know the blogging game and I'm experienced in this field, I will work to deadlines and have never been late in producing content to a mutually agreed deadline.
I will always fully research a topic to ensure you get the highest quality article available, even in opinion pieces I can include opposing opinions if needs be.
I'm also pretty nice to work with if I do say so myself, shoot me an email at any time and I'll respond happily as soon as I see it.

My usual working hours are:

Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday - 8am - 10am
Weekends - Varying upon demand.

My rates are negotiable depending on the type of article you require.

The types of writing I usually supply are:

  • Blog Posts - informal 'chatty' style posts either with or without photographs provided. I can provide a regular slot or a one off post on a subject relevant to your content.
  • Serious Opinion Pieces - to be written in an appropriate, professional tone.
  • General Information Pieces - on a variety of subjects.
  • Reviews - general reviews of products or services.

If your requirements don't fall into the categories listed above, feel free to contact me at to discuss your projects.

Looking forward to working with you,


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