Sunday, 20 October 2019

Staying Bright When The Weather Is Dull

*Post Contains Gifted Items

Hello Everyone,

Wow what a few weeks, 3 weeks ago my daughter brought the seasonal sickness bug home with her from school and this was no normal bug, this is the worst bug I've seen in a long time, I won't bore you with the details but suffice to say, the whole family have been down for the past few weeks and I've just recovered from it myself within the last two days.

Seasonal bugs are just one of the ways that the Autumn/Winter season plays havoc with your skin, after being unwell you just have that look about you, don't you?  That grey pallor, the haunted eyes... we've all been there my friends! There's also the weather to give you that gorgeous little hint of the undead about your complexion, the cold air blasting in your face, the rain battering you sideways, not to mention the sudden resurgence of indoor heating that loves to dry out your skin.

I think you all get the point that I'm trying to make, the turn of the seasons can be the turn of doom for your healthy glow if you're not careful - but we are careful over in these parts and I'm here to tell you how I'm fighting the ghost face this winter.

Vitamin C is something we all know we need in our systems, but recently we have started seeing Vitamin C pop up in our skincare products. It's not hard to see why as Vitamin C is well known for its help in collagen production which translates to younger looking skin, I need this, I'm getting old.

Sesderma are a cult Spanish skincare brand that have developed some amazing products over time, including the 'C-Vit' range using, as the name suggests, Vitamin C in their various skincare products.

Over the past month I have been trialing their C-Vit Moisturising Facial Cream and their C-Vit Eye Contour Cream and I am really impressed with the results. I've stopped wearing foundation this past year in a bid to cut down on product use and I was nervous that my skin was looking a bit dull at times after being used to having that flawless look but after this past month - sick bug and all, my skin is definitely looking more awake.

The creams both sink into the skin without residue and have a luxurious feel to them, The facial cream is a gel cream that is perfect for daily use, morning and night. My skin feels like it drinks this cream straight up and is soft to the touch.

I know some of you are sensitive to scents in face creams and I'm here to give you the heads up that the C-Vit Facial Cream has a slight orange scent, I personally really like it, it smells clean and natural but I know not everyone feels the same way regarding perfumes!

The C-Vit Eye Contour Cream is equally as pleasing, it is built to combat the signs of fatigue and ageing, which is everything I want right now  because, between you and me, I’m on the wrong side of 30 now and with a young baby in the mix, I’m a lot more tired than I used to be.

I’ve loved using the C-Vit eye cream and have found In the last week that I’ve not needed any concealer in order to leave the house, unheard of for me.

Vitamin C is definitely going to be my go-to ingredient in skincare now, it helps tackle free radicles, it can help protect you from UV rays and it helps try and keep you looking youthful. I’m going to look more into the Sesderma brand as they’ve gained my trust.

Next up is my absolute favourite, the PMD Clean Pro. I originally started trialing this beautiful skincare tool as soon as it arrived but then, disaster struck and I also used a facial cream that gave me a very nasty reaction (we’re talking skin peeling here my friends, I looked like an actual zombie) so while that was healing, I didn’t use any tools or creams or makeup and so my trial had to begin again (after binning the cream from actual hell) - we’ve just passed the month mark and I’m thrilled to tell you that PMD haven’t let me down.

The PMD Clean Pro is built to help you get the best best from your skincare and cleansing routine by breaking down oil and dirt from your pores at 7,000 vibrations a minute.

Continuous use of the tool helps with firming and toning the skin and the vibrations also help to make your skincare products absorb deeper into the skin, giving you the best best results from your chosen items.

What is really unique about the PMD Clean Pro is the Rose Quartz section on the reverse side which has elements of magnesium, iron and oxygen. This side of the PMD is to be used for facial massage and the addition of the Rose Quartz reduces inflammation and tension.

It feels fantastic, I've been using this whilst sitting reading on an evening to really wind down, I can't stress to you all how much of a nightmare the past couple of months has been in terms of health and luck! I haven't had such a bad run in a few years and so I've been feeling the tension in my facial muscles and I've suffered a lot of head aches and I've been using this beautiful facial massage side to ease out the tension I'm holding and I can feel the results immediately.

Finally, I love the silicone skin on the PMD because it is super easy to keep clean and it is odor resistant and waterproof and therefore, really handy to have around for the busy lifestyles we all lead, you can grab and go without much fuss and I for one am here for it.

I also must point out that the people at PMD are some of the nicest that I've come across in the blogging world!

Have you used any of these yet?

How do you keep your skin bright?

Talk to you all soon,

Rosy xx
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