Tuesday, 17 September 2019

It's Only Natural


Hello Everyone!

It's been a little while since I popped up on here, truth is, I've been having some much needed R&R after what has been a rather hectic time.

In my personal life, I have found myself at a crossroads with some huge life choices ahead of me and being a Mum means that the path I take will not only alter the lives of my husband and me but also the small people in our home and potentially, future generations to come - talk about pressure!

One huge change that I've been slowly implementing within my family is a return to nature and a more natural lifestyle overall, this has meant that I've been phasing out a lot of my old habits (such as rushing out to buy the latest makeup releases from brands I've recently learned are not a fit with my lifestyle and you know what? I don't miss it!

During my time away, I have been offered a lot of PR samples that I've turned down, as I've said, my interests have changed and I'm not the same Rosy that started this blog six years ago but then something interesting dropped into my inbox - a makeup palette from Benecos.

Benecos make a range of natural makeup products without any synthetic ingredients that we see popping up time and time again in other brands, I won't bore you with the ins and outs of these undesirable ingredients because I'm sure you're all aware of the nasty reactions they can cause the consumer so I'll move swiftly on and give you another reason that I came out of exile for Benecos:

They Don't Test On Animals

Benecos have produced an interchangeable palette that allows you to customise the shades and products that you have with you, with slim eyeshadows and slightly chunkier cheek products, it is easy to arrange your dream palette.

The palette opens at the back with an easy pull out tray which allows you to slide your colours in and out to suit your individual taste. 

The colours I was sent to try out all wear beautifully and have no patching during application, the cheek products in particular are stunning to wear, I love the shimmer in the blush!

I've made the palette my own by swapping things around a little and I'm really pleased with it, I will say though, that I wish the cheek palettes were slightly bigger as I only have one brush that fits comfortably into the pan without grabbing eye colours too, but apart from that, I'm going to be reaching for this palette daily for the foreseeable future.

I hope you've all had a lovely summer and I'll be back again soon,

bye for now,

Rosy xx
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