Sunday, 9 December 2018

Best Products of the Year 2018

Hello Everyone,

'Tis the season of goodwill, winding down and wrapping up the year... and Christmas presents!

I’ve finished my shopping now (thank goodness) and I don’t intend on buying any further frivolities for a good while, so what better time than to discuss two of the items that I’ve acquired this year that have become products I can’t live without?

I try a lot of beauty products, I have a little obsession as you’ve probably gathered, but what sets a product apart for me is if I’m still reaching for that particular item after the initial excitement has worn off, and these two items not only hit that criteria, but they go beyond that, yes that’s right ladies and gents, these are products I reach for almost every single day.

Lee Stafford

You all know how much I absolutely love Lee Stafford electricals, their design is gorgeous and hits my aesthetic on every level, the tools all perform well and they’re all easy to use, I’ve previously raved about The Straightener, The Rainbow Shine Wand, The CoCo Loco Wonderball Wand, The Coco Loco Long Tong and The CoCo LoCo Blow & Go Nuts, sadly though my Lee Stafford straighteners died on me at the weekend which broke my heart.

*moment of silence to remember the The Straightener*

Now that we have that out of the way, let me show you the CoCo LoCo Straightening Brush which was very generously gifted to me earlier in the year, and I've been using it almost daily ever since.

Straightening brushes don't give the poker straight look that you get from a flat iron, think of it more as a 'good hair day' or a fresh blow-out look. Still flawless but more natural.

When the brush is turned on, it quickly heats up to your selected temperature (up to 230 degrees Celsius) and is so easy to use, it's been my go-to on school run mornings when I'm typically sleep deprived and frazzled. Thanks to this brush, I often get to leave the house looking like I'm part of the human race rather than an extra on The Walking Dead.

The CoCo LoCo Straightening Brush works like a regular brush, you run it through your hair and it straightens as it goes but don't worry about burning yourself, the black bits are rubber tips and bristles that stop you getting burned as your baby shouts for attention and your five year old cries that her shoes are missing... as she stares directly at said shoes... Just me?

As with all of the CoCo LoCo range, the ceramic areas are coated in a coconut oil infusion to help protect your hair from heat damage. Nifty!

Urban Decay

My other favourite product comes (unsurprisingly) from Urban Decay, a brand that consistently puts out gorgeous products with fantastic quality.

The item I'm going to rave about is none other than the newest edition to the Naked range, Naked Cherry.

I'm going to say it, this is the best of the Naked palettes, I know, I know but who would have thought that vibrant red and pink eye-shadows could be so wearable? And wear them I have... Every time I've worn eye-shadow since I got this beauty. Every.Single.Time.

Creamy, blendable shades with a good mix of mattes and shimmer - what more would you expect from an Urban Decay palette? But the reason I keep coming back for more is the unusual shades that somehow just work, even the deepest shades work in a daytime look, well played Urban Decay, well played!

If you're only going to be buying one palette this year, I really recommend this one!

What products have you loved in 2018?

Speak Soon!

Rosy xx


  1. Love the look of that straightening brush!! I think I need something like that.
    Jasmine Aurora xo

  2. I'm so undecided on that Cherry palette, I love my basic eyeshadow haha so I don't think I'd get much use from all of those red/ purple shades which is practically all of the palette. Glad you like it, and great selections xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. Urban Decay also receives a huge thumbs up from me, it's such a fabulous brand and their pigment is always incredible! Hope you're having a lovely week so far babe :) x

  4. That straightening brush sounds like something I need.. Thanks for sharing

  5. I have heard so many good things about that cherry palette. All of the shades look so wearable and would probably be more like neutrals for me since I have a darker complexion.I do love the brand though and have purchased a lot of their single shadows but for some strange reason never tried a palette.

  6. That palette is literally SO gorgeous!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. These products sound amazing! I definitely have my eye on that Naked Palette...the shades are gorgeous!

  8. I love the naked palette.
    It looks pretty chic

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  9. Ooh some great picks - I adore that palette and the straightening brush sounds like something I need!

    // xx

  10. Stunning products lovely lady! That CoCo LoCo straightening wand is a little gem of magic! Looks and sounds absolutely amazing :) I'm all heart-eyed for anything Urban Decay too and Naked Cherry has the most eye-poppingly gorgeous shades! I have a big place in my heart for all their pink tones, utterly shimmering and just downright fabulous. Feeling all the beauty babe town from your fabulous post! ♥︎

    Sophie | soinspo xo

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