Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Settling Down For Winter

Hi Everyone!

Hope you're all doing well and had a good Hallowe'en and Bonfire Night, personally I really enjoyed both as I love Autumn and both of these events seem to be the highlights of the season and a nod to remind us that winter is on the way.

This winter I plan on being extra cosy in my cottage as we have just had a multi fuel stove installed, my quest to 'hygge' my house is still going strong and the rumours are true, a real fireplace does make your living room seem more special somehow.

Winter for me is all about slowing down, appreciating time in the home and just enjoying 'being' rather than 'doing' and I think we all need a period of calm and contentment now and then or stress begins to creep in.

This year I've already been relaxing my life pace with a good book, a cup of Twinings' finest and a roaring fire daily, and I'm definitely feeling the benefit after a seriously busy few months!

One of the battles I've had with my new hygge lifestyle is discovering which fuels to burn, I've tried a few methods but I was lucky enough to be offered a couple of options to try for free from Lekto Wood Fuels and so I have been trialing these since.

The first option I tried was Hardwood Heat Logs which are easier to light than traditional hardwood logs and they burn at a higher temperature which is perfect for my 200 year old cottage with all its drafts!
These heat logs are environmentally friendly as they contain no chemicals and produce only a small amount of ash which can be used as a garden fertiliser when you're done - win!

They're also consistent in size which means you know what you're paying for.

The next option I was given were Long Burning Night Briquettes which are designed to burn for up to eight hours and they have been working out perfectly for going to bed and waking up to a nice cosy living room which makes getting up with my young baby much more palatable! 
Night Briquettes are better suited to a closed appliance such as my multi-fuel stove as they're not a smokeless fuel but they're once again, environmentally friendly.

Lekto deliver across the UK which is handy to any of you that also have a stove or an open fire (or if you're considering getting one, they're not a cheap option but wow, they're worth it!).

How are you preparing for the cold season? Do you slow down too?

Speak soon,

Rosy xx

Thursday, 1 November 2018

The Boy Who Stole Time - By Mark Bowsher

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful month in October and are just as excited as I am for the approaching festive season now that we have said goodbye to Halloween.

As with any month, I spent a large part of it reading and so today I’m bringing you a review of The Boy Who Stole Time by Mark Bowsher which I was very kindly gifted for review and said review will, as usual, contain no spoilers.

If you follow my book reviews or my Book reviews channel on YouTube, you’ll probably be aware that I don’t tend to read much from the fantasy genre and yet the premise of Mark Bowsher’s novel called to me and I’m glad I took the time to dip into this genre once again.

The Boy Who Stole Time follows twelve year old Krish who has been hit with the life changing news that his mother is dying and, desperate to prolong his time with her, he makes a deal with a devil like creature to go on a mighty quest to the faraway land of Ilir to hunt down the Myrthali, which is the essence of time itself, a unique journey but an idea I think we could all get on board with, who hasn’t wanted to savour moments and manipulate time at least once in their life?
Along the way, we meet a whole host of interesting and complex characters on this epic journey that translates to a page turner of a book, with my personal favourite being Balthrir, a female ally to our main character with her own mission, to free her parents from the hell they are currently caught up in.

As well as adrenaline fueled scenes you’ll also find a good amount of humour which I think makes the story more accessible to a younger audience as well as drawing in the older reader too (holds hands up) and without giving away spoilers, we are also pushed into thinking about what having access to infinite time might do to us.

One thing that really shone through in this exciting tale was the brilliant imagination of the author, fantasy novels are unique in that they really do give the author free reign to create magic, be it mystical worlds, unseen creatures, altered realities and wow, Mark Bowsher can really make you believe the unbelievable.

I can’t wait till my daughter is old enough to read this as she is already showing herself to be a large fantasy fan and I just know she will be rooting for Krish as much as I was.

Have you read The Boy Who Stole Time?

Do you enjoy fantasy novels?

Rosy xx
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