Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Highlands and Islands Visit

Hello Everyone,

Autumn is well and truly here now isn't it? The baltic mornings that have you leaving the house wrapped up for an arctic expedition only to find yourself losing half your body weight in sweat by lunch time when the sun has made a late arrival but at least this means we have some final opportunities to enjoy some nice weather before the apocalypse winter arrives.

At the beginning of the month we took a little mini trip to the Scottish Highlands and Islands for my birthday and wow, just wow.

I've always loved Scotland (I live here after-all) but there's something magical about right up north so I thought I'd share some of the photos I took with you all... and a video, why not!


Easdale Island



Most of these images didn't require any editing, the colours were actually that vivid, and yes - that includes the rainbows!

Finally there's a short video with some extra bits too:

Have you ever been to the Highlands?

Speak soon,

Rosy xx


Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Flapper Vibes With The Lulu Bob Wig From HotHair

Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all doing amazingly well, there was no post last week as I was on an impromptu trip to the Scottish Highlands and Islands, if you missed the little vlog showing you the gorgeous scenery, it's here: Highlands and Islands.

After my little break away from civilisation, I have come back to a very autumnal southern Scotland and I've started all things Hallowe'en around here, if you missed it I have a video recommending some fantastically spooky Hallowe'en reads to you here but today we are going to be talking about dressing up for the occasion.

Hallowe'en is one of my favourite times of year, I'm an October baby so it comes with the territory! I also love playing dress up and on the big night, I normally dress up with my daughter and watch Hocus Pocus then I watch real scary movies with Mr Sparkles (Paranormal Activity - I'm looking at you here!) and we also often have a spooky get together of some description to attend where fancy dress is always a feature so with that in mind, this year I've decided to go for 'Vintage Flapper' with the help of The Lulu Bob from HotHair in Deep Cherry Red which I was very kindly sent to review from the lovely and helpful team at HotHair.

Halloween Flapper Look

This wig is so much fun and differs greatly from my usual look which was a bit of a shock to a friend of mine when I sent her a snap telling her it was my real hair, oh the fun we have with whatsapp.

As is standard with HotHair products, the wig is of good quality and has a strap inside to adjust the size of your wig so you get the best fit, we don't want your wig flying off on the dancefloor when you're doing the mash, the monster mash.

Halloween Flapper Look

The cut and shape of the wig is gorgeous and gives a more natural feel to your look, the style could be very modern or vintage depending on how you style it, as I said, I'm adding pearls and vintage style makeup to get a 1920's inspired flapper look this Hallowe'en.

Halloween Flapper Look

I've had a few products from HotHair now and I am always really impressed by the quality and the sheer range of products they offer from the celebrity hair section to clip in buns, they have all areas covered.
I really love my Hallowe'en look this year and I can't wait to play around more with this wig and the looks that can be created whilst wearing it, also, the Lulu Bob currently has 20% off online... #JustSaying.

Halloween Flapper Look

What are you wearing for Hallowe'en this year? Have you ever shopped at HotHair?

Speak soon,

Rosy xx

*Product gifted for review.
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