Saturday, 20 January 2018

Appetite by Anita Cassidy

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Hello Everyone,

Long time no speak, I’m hoping to get back into posting regularly on here since I’ve been trying to get over some ill health lately which has been difficult but today I’m bringing to you a book review of a novel called Appetite by Anita Cassidy.

Appetite is gripping novel that looks into the various worlds of addiction or ‘appetites’ and the role they play within the lives of three different people.
David is one of the three and has an addiction to food, subsequently he is very overweight and suffers from bullying due to his size. Not one to show his emotions externally, David instead finds himself in a vicious cycle of self abuse by comfort eating in an attempt to block out his sadness which in turn brings about more weight gain and more bullying.
Matthew is another character with an addiction. A science teacher at the school who has just returned from a trip to Brazil that opened up a part of Matthew he can’t forget, an appetite for change and making the world a better place. Matthew meets an activist for change called Polly who further ignites his urges but fuelled by his love for Polly and his newfound passion for action, Matthew has to think about how far he is willing to go on this new venture whilst still hanging onto his core beliefs.
Naomi is a wife and mother and sometimes feels like little else. She works for an energy drinks company and is suffering from the boredom of following the same daily routine seemingly without any fun mixed in, but after some innocent internet messages turn into something more adult, Naomi’s sexual desires come forth and she embarks upon a sex fuelled affair to break the monotony.

Appetite is a very well written book that subtly encourages readers to think about their own appetites and desires in a very honest way. The author appears to have put in a fair bit of research into the ways an addition or compulsion can alter the lives of the people attached to it. Each character is cleverly woven into eachother’s lives which adds an extra dimestion for the reader.

I found this to be a fast paced read and somewhat addictive in itself as it was difficult to put down and after the final page closed I found myself unable to shake the stories and lives of the characters within (in a good way) and to me that is the mark of a good author, a story that sticks long after the closing sentence.

I’d love to know if any of you have read or are going to read Appetite?

Talk soon,

Rosy xx
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