Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The One Where eBay Sent Me Porn

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Hi Everyone,

Today's post is going to be a little different in that it is going to be a video, partly because I feel the camera reaction is way better than anything you'll be able to read written and also partly in vain to plug my YouTube channel (where I mostly talk about books if you're interested.)

For those of you who don't want to watch the video, I'll sum up quickly what happened.

So I wanted to buy a very popular book about a girl who is date raped and then photos of the event surface on social media, eBay instead sent me a totally different book about a woman with a rape fantasy instead. To see the full story, click the video, sit back and enjoy the horror that unfolds when eBay goes wrong.

I hope you enjoyed the video and perhaps even subscribed (hint hint) and the direct link to this video (should you want to subscribe *casual face* is Here

Have you ever had an eBay horror story?

Rosy xx

Monday, 6 February 2017

Pastel Style | My Living Room Transformation

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Hello Everyone,
Today I'm doing a mini book review and living room transformation post in one (because I'm handy like that and also, they're directly linked)
I recently picked up Pretty Pastel Style in TK Maxx never thinking it would make me transform my living room, but a week later, here I am with a total different room.

A few of you may be aware that I live in a little cottage in the countryside, I've been there almost 3 years now and I've been trying to transform it bit by bit. When I first moved in, everything was dark, and I mean everything, as time has gone on I've gradually introduced light into each room whilst maintaining the cottage feel but my first attempts at decorating my living room (which was all dark blue walls when I moved in) failed to please me, yes the white walls I painted were an improvement on the dark blue it was when I moved in, but I still had the old carpet down and the dark wood wasn't working for me, I don't know why it took me reading this book to be inspired as I've already painted all the other panelling in the house white anyway, but sometimes we just need a little push!

Excuse the paint tins in the picture above, I took this photo as an afterthought just before I got started on my vision of pastel heaven.

Et Voila! with a touch of paint, a new carpet and new artwork I feel like my house is transformed. The newly re-decorated living room fits with the rest of the house now and still has the cottage feel which I felt like I needed to keep in a cottage surrounded by woodland and fields.

A couple of strategically placed candles (I have two kittens - 'nuff said) really add to the cosy feel I was going for.

New bits of artwork have helped update the room and add an individual touch.

I also painted the door into the room with a custom mixed dulux gloss in a pastel pink.

Pretty Pastel Style  is full of stunning ideas and pretty much interiors porn if you're a pastel nut like me.

Even my kitten loves it all haha. So if you're into pastels this might be one to look at because it really kicked my creative juices into flow, incidentally, if you are into pastels, make you you have a look at my Instagram because I photograph any pastel goodness I find on a daily basis (PLUG PLUG!!)

So that was a pretty quick review but I'm really pleased with what I've achieved, so till next time, bye everyone.

Rosy xx
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