Sunday, 28 February 2016

"That's Not Your Colour" They Said

Hello Everyone,

Today we are discussing what not to wear... sort of.

Have you ever noticed that everyone seems to have an opinion on what you should wear? Friends, family, bloggers, MUAs, magazines, Gok Wan (although I do love Aunty Gok so very much), your pets?
It can get a little exhausting keeping up with the right colour top to accentuate your eyes, the scarf that doesn't clash, the lippie that doesn't wash you out. Let's be honest, it can be a bloody battle of life to get out that door in the morning looking like you've got your shizz together.

I have two lipsticks that I love but I've been told on several occasions that they aren't my colour, I shouldn't wear them and they do nothing for me, however, I can't help but not give a crap, I dress for me bitchez (yeah I just used bitchez) and I like how I feel in these lipsticks and I don't give a rats ass if they clash with my face and make me look like a septic hamster.

Behold: The two banned lipsticks that I love anyway.

Illamasqua Growl lipstick is a deep brown/red with a matte finish. I love how confident this lipstick makes me feel and although I've been told many reasons why I shouldn't attempt to rock this colour, I love it anyway.

Ignore the bad photography where I've blatantly captured myself in the lid reflection...

MAC RiRi Pleasurebomb came out in a limited edition MAC collection (don't they all) a while back, a classic hot pink with blue undertones that makes me feel happy when I wear it, it is such a fun colour to play with but again I have been hit with actual laughter for wearing this.

Will I continue to wear these two shades? Just try and stop me.

Have you got any shades of clothing/lipstick that people try and tell you to set aside?



Thursday, 18 February 2016

Top 5 Worst Come-Ons I've Ever Had

Hello Everyone,

Today's post is a little different, I have been silently watching the love fest unfold on every social media platform I can get my hands on (and that's a lot of post scrolling believe me!) and I am suspecting a fair few of you are feeling a little full to the brim of it all by now, so as Valentine's Day is truly gone for another year, let's get back to normal by appreciating some of the most horrific come-ons I've ever endured.

1. I was out with some friends having a few drinks when we were approached by an over zealous puppy gentleman who was bopping around all over the place trying to pull me and my friends into various hugs/gropes, suddenly enter stage right a knight in shining armour who ran over and threw his arms around my shoulder.
"Sorry mate this is my girlfriend" said my savior and the puppy man bounded away to the next table, eager to express my gratitude I turned to thank the man who suddenly lunged in for the kill and tried to stick his tongue straight down my throat...
Trying to keep my vomit inside and pushing the fella off I hear a woman jeering him on "GET IN THERE LAD" she cried. I pushed this disgusting specimen away and started to look frantically for some bleach to gargle with when I heard him say something to the woman jeering him on:
"Mum I've told you not to shout that!"
Insert scream face emoji.

2. "Here's a picture of  a man spanking a monkey, would you like to spank my monkey?"
Keep walking fella, keep walking.

3."If I could rearrange the alphabet I'd put U and Me together" - Him
"Erm... Isn't it meant to be U and I?" - Me
"......................." - Him

4. "I'm gay usually but I'd quite like a go of a girl"
The offensiveness of that one works on so many levels I can't even begin.

and I saved the very best for last.

5. I was once pursued by a bit of a strange fella... he kept trying to come up with exciting ways to invite me back to his dungeon house for a full filled evening of being slayed watching movies but I was always a little reluctant/terrified.
The day came when he decided to pull out all of the stops and drop by my desk with a folder for me to browse and said we could discuss it at lunch.
What was in the folder you ask? Well my friends, it was a collection of pictures of his favourite serial killers, some real, some from movies such as Halloween - you know, the stuff of every young girl's dream date,
I swiftly returned his folder and he offered me the chance to come back to his and see some of the movie replicas he has from various slasher films... weirdly I was busy... FOREVER!

I hope you enjoyed reading some of these, have you ever had a terrible chat-up experience? Leave them below so we can wallow together.

Rosy xx

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Sex and Scandal | Down The Rabbit Hole

Hello Everyone,

So now I have your attention by that grabbing title, let me begin this little book review with a somewhat obvious warning, this review deals with adult themes, now that we have that out the way, let us begin our look at Down the Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison.

Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner

Holly Madison, a name you may or may not be familiar with, for those of you not in the know, Holly Madison is the former girlfriend of the world's most infamous womaniser, Hugh Hefner.

If you're not aware of Hugh Hefner then a quick google search will fill you in but in short, he is an American adult magazine publisher, that magazine is Playboy. He lives in a mansion famous for celebrity parties, a revolving door of potential new young girlfriends, sex, backstabbing and an air of secrecy with a sort of 'What Happens at the Mansion, Stays at the Mansion' attitude, till now.

Holly Madison was Hefner's girlfriend from 2001-2009 and worked her way up to the alpha position of 'Girlfriend Number One' but somewhere along the way, Holly began to realise that she had been sucked into a world of control and double standards that was getting increasingly difficult to break free from.

Down the Rabbit Hole touches upon everything you might wonder about life with the notorious Hugh Hefner : how much money does he pay these young women to be at his beck and call? Do they all really sleep with this elderly man? What bitchiness goes on behind the scenes? Who uses drugs? Is there an underground of Prostitution? Do you start to lose your grip on reality as you slip further and further 'Down the Rabbit Hole'?

All of these questions and more are answered with refreshing honesty, a touch of humour and a sprinkling of venom which overall makes for a fascinating and entertaining read that is easy to get through and satisfies your need for a new guilty pleasure that you wont forget in a hurry.

I gave Down The Rabbit Hole 5/5 on GoodReads so it is safe to say I really enjoyed it, I also like the colouring of the cover and the spine, it isn't often that books have such a bright pink theme and I really like the way it stands out from my plethora of other books.

Hugh Hefner
A Map of the Grounds - Also in Pink

Overall I really loved Down the Rabbit Hole and I would definitely read it again,

Have you read Down the Rabbit Hole? 

Any similar recommendations?

Rosy xx


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

New Year New Decor

Hello Everyone,

As some of you may know from my Twitter rants (@RosySparkles if you're interested) I have been looking to move house which has resulted in plenty house viewing adventures but still the search continues for the dream house.

In the meantime, I have been looking to spruce up my current digs without doing anything major (it'll be going on the market soon so I'd ideally like to update with home decor items I can take with me when the perfect house pops up) - incidentally, if you happen to be selling a castle complete with moat and enchanted tower within my price range, please do drop me a line.

Home Decor has been a passion of mine for years, I love how a simple accessory or two can really let your personality shine through, I like statement pieces that people will remember after a visit to your house, you know the type, bits that make you feel at home and reflect your tastes.

A US based company called Uncommon Goods has so many unique home decor items that I have been spending a fair amount of time lustily browsing their ranges

Literary Candles | You Are Beautiful Cursive Wood | Gummy Bear Lights | Cherry Blossom Snow Globe

Uncommon Goods are an ethical shopping choice due to their 'B Corporation' status which means they hit the mark in a wide range of areas such as wage levels, environmental impact and giving back to the community.
As an independently owned company, they can support causes they believe in and will donate $1 from every purchase to your choice of their not-for-profits organisations which are:

  • RAINN: The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network with over 1,100 rape crisis centers in the US who also work to help sexual offenders to meet justice.
  • American Forests: Preserving and restoring worldwide, who have planted over 45 million trees since 1990. 
  • Women for Women International: Provides survivors of war and other refugees with the resources to move from poverty to self sufficiency by teaching life, business and vocational skills. 
  • Reach out and Read: A network of doctors and nurses aiming to provide literacy and language skills for school aged children in the US.
Now if all that isn't a good excuse to shop guilt free, I don't know what is!

Alongside fun accessories, I also crave a lot wall art, I spend a lot of time hunting through vintage markets and second hand shops for something unique to hang alongside my other high street finds, Uncommon Goods have a pretty extensive range of wall art here that really suit my eclectic style.


I love the nature style of this watercolour, living in the countryside always has me wanting to incorporate my surroundings into my interiors (without, of course, inviting the actual birds in... that would just be carnage).
Uncommon Goods has a mix of watercolours, photography, oil and acrylic, wood, posters and more so there's definitely something for all tastes but to the little birdy above - yes to you my friend, yes to you.

As you all know, reading is one of my favourite relaxation techniques ever (I have a YouTube channel dedicated to book reviews and hauls after-all) so it goes without saying that all things bookish excite me, I came across this lovely assortment of bookends here and there's so many lovely choices that I cant pick just one.

Cat Scratch Bookends | Elephant Family Bookends

Finally I have been perusing the gorgeous pillows and blankets (available here) because for me, homely means cozy and there's nothing I like more than a good snuggle in a lovely throw or blanket, a cup of tea and a good book, it is the ultimate relaxation for me.

Alice in Wonderland Throw | Barn Owls Pillow | Illustrated Cat and Dog Pillows | Pride and Prejudice Pillow 

So this brings me to the end of this decor post, everything I love can be taken with me wherever I end up next (seriously, the castle and the moat plea stands) and I hope you've seen one or two things you'd like too.

What style do you tend to go for?

Bye for now,

Rosy xx

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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A First Impressions | Clarins Lip Perfector

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm here with a first impressions post on the Clarins Lip Perfectors.

As you can see, I have picked up travel editions of the shades Rosewood Shimmer and Rose Shimmer and although they're tiny, they really gave me an excellent taster of how the full sized product would be and if a full sized version would be worth the money.

As usual the answer isn't easy, it's a yes and a no.

Firstly, let me just tell you that everything they say is true, these are amazing, they melt onto the lips like butter, no stickiness or balling at the sides of the mouth (#MACLipglass) and are definitely one of those most beautiful balms in the world, I've also tried Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm last year which gave me all the feels and then last week I reviewed the hugely hyped Clarins Lip Oil so now my overall impression of Clarins is that they do lip products very very well.

The smell, oh my god the smell! It is like a very soft caramel scent, absolutely delicious but definitely not overpowering of sickly, just enough to keep me re-applying so that I can smell my own face... it happened.

The sponge applicator? Genius! So soft and no pulling at the lips or scratching.

Marks out of 10? a good solid 8, the only reason it isn't a ten is because some people do like their lip glosses to be pigmented and I think this is one area that Clarins don't offer up the goods, however, I think the point of the Clarins Lip Perfectors is to enhance your natural lip beauty, therefore, over pigmentation would kind of miss the point but in the interests of fair review, if you like your balms to have a little 'oomph' then this isn't the product for you, but if you like subtle, easy to wear, natural beauty enhancing perfection, then yes, the Clarins Lip Perfectors are a massive win and if you're like me and like a bit of both pigmentation and also love a good natural day too, then pick these up for the natural days and go for a lipstick with one of the Clarins Lip Perfectors over the top for a comfortable gloss and a statement lip.

Have you ever tried The Clarins Lip Perfector? Or have you got any further Clarins recommendations? Believe me, I'm all ears!

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