Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Your New Hairly Grail | Lee Stafford The Straightener and Giveaway

Hello Everyone,

As it is the last week before Christmas I just want to pop out a little Merry Christmas to any of you that celebrate!

So, as you probably know (or can guess) I trial a fair amount of products on this blog and I'm always thrilled to be given the opportunity to sample new things, thus, I'm super excited to tell you about my new holy hairly grail (see what I did there *chortles*) There's also a giveaway at the end of this post too so make sure you don't miss that.

Introducing the Lee Stafford Academy Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Now, I know what you're thinking:
But Rosy, come on, everyone uses GHDs
And I hear you, I do, I own a pair of GHDs and they've been my haircare staple for the past 4/5 years... and then these little bad boys arrived in my stash and I'm sorry to say, I think I've left camp GHD.
Let me tell you why.

Lee Stafford's The Straightener comes with a heat protection guard to look after the plates during storage and travel so you know that they're going to work well each time you use them.

With the Lee Stafford straighteners, you can control how hot your straightener goes with the pink buttons on the inside, which is one thing I've never liked about my GHDs because, as you may well know, they don't have any adjustable heat settings.

One thing that had me wanting my GHDs in the first place was the floating plates that means your hair doesn't get tangled in the plastic and your straightener glides easily through your hair, Lee Stafford heard us all and 'The Straightener' also has those all important floating plates and also, they added a longer cord (3m in comparison to the 2.7m of your standard v gold classic hair styler from GHD)

The straightener heats up to your chosen temperature really quickly (around 10 seconds) which is the fastest straightener I've used - and believe me when I say, I'm always in a mad rush and so those extra 20 seconds or so come in handy!

For those of you who follow my other social media channels (Instagram and YouTube) you'll be able to see that I quite like slightly 'messy' hair, I usually straighten my hair then mess it up with my hands and some dry shampoo so that my hair doesn't look too 'done'. I thought showing you a picture of my usually straight but messy look would be boring so I decided to try and test the Lee Stafford - The Straightener to see if I could get myself some nice messy curls, the results are below.

And yes, it was essential to have three selfies because I really love how this turned out, I made some tighter curls and then brushed them out in random sections to get the style right for me, if you're more into perfect curls, then just don't do the brush out at the end.

Overall, I'm so excited by these straighteners and they have officially replaced my trusty old GHDs, a day I never thought I'd see.

Have you tried the Lee Stafford Academy Ionic Flat Iron Straightener?

Also, make sure you enter the competition below to win yourself a Lee Stafford Straightener, the comp ends on 11th Jan 2017, good luck!

Win a Lee Stafford Academy Straightener #9

Rosy xx

Monday, 12 December 2016

Taking Time Out

Hello Everyone,

Today we are going to talk about taking a little time out.

Sometimes it can all get a little too much, especially at Christmas when there's so many people to consider that sometimes it can seem like you're driving full speed along the motorway with a blindfold on... basically, you're going to crash and burn unless you do something to slow that speed down and whip off the blindfold... #TakingTimeOut

I have a few favourite ways to unwind and rebuild myself and sometimes, just taking an hour out can really help keep your spirits high.

One of my favourite things to do is play with a pet, I have a few different animals roaming my zoo house and so I have a few options but I love a nice walk with my dogs or playing with my kitties. I recently added this little beauty to my clan and she's all kinds of fun.

 At other times I just like to play with my makeup, why not dress up with nowhere to go? I find it really relaxing to just try out a new look now and then.

As many of you also know, I love reading and taking some time to dip into another life or time really does wonders for my life morale! It also helps to keep my YouTube Channel filled with content so kind of a win/win situation there.

But I have to say, one of my favourite ways to unwind has to be a spot of retail therapy (when the funds allow it) and there's often a plethora of boxes from here, there and everywhere turning up at my door ('cause, you know... it's all for the blog *nudge nudge, wink wink*)
One of my most recent boxes arriving actually came all the way from Germany with thanks to a lovely company called Happiness Boutique, who kindly offered me my pick of their necklace collection and whilst I was browsing their range, I couldn't help but fall in love with this beautiful Rose Gold 'The Time is Now' Necklace.

I was really drawn to the time element of this necklace as I'm always rushing around complaining that I don't have enough time for anything.

The package arrived from Germany in a gorgeous little box (I know, I know, it's not about the packaging but still, what a cute box!) and when I opened it up, I fell in love with my new necklace.

Now yes, I know that I received this necklace free of charge and some would argue that would automatically warrant me giving out a biased review, but trust me when I say, I turn down A LOT of collabs because I only want to review things that I think I'll actually like or that I think you'll like to read about so it pleases me very much to say that I've not had this necklace off since I opened that pretty little box.

I feel like this necklace symbolises the need to slow down, take a step back and just take a little time for me and, for that, I am grateful.

Happiness Boutique have such a large and beautiful range including necklaces (obviously!), rings, earrings and even scarves! They offer free shipping too, which is a massive win, they're also offering any of my readers 10% off any order of 19 euros or more till the 31st December with the code 'sparklesoflight76' which, FYI, I'm not gaining any commission from for any of you suspicious of blogger codes 😉😉

Happiness Boutique also run a bi-monthly Giveaway, if you sign up to their newsletter... #justsaying.

How do you like to take time out to relax? Don't forget to give yourself a break over the festive time because you deserve it!

Rosy xx

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

We Need To Discuss FGM

Hello Everyone,

How are you all? This is normally the part where I open with some sort of sarcastic joke or otherwise witty remark, but today, I've got my serious girl pants on because the subject I'm about to raise isn't a humorous one but rather a one of shock, disbelief and overwhelming sadness.


If you watch my YouTube channel, you'll have probably seen me haul this book recently, Cut - One Woman's Fight Against FGM in Britain Today and it made for shocking reading.

Don't be put off by the 'Britain' part if you're from elsewhere, this is just a broader look at the situation in the UK but is as relevant to any country that experiences migration and it is important to read if you're from a country that has culturally practiced FGM.

If you're not aware of what FGM actually means, it stands for Female Genital Mutilation, to sum it up in a nutshell, someone gets a razor or a knife etc and cuts off parts of your vagina, usually when you are a child and you literally have no say about this, usually the clitoris is removed and sometimes the labia too (the 'lips' if you will) then you might be sewn shut using the bloody mess that is left behind leaving just a tiny opening for urine or menstrual blood to escape from. This is more often than not, completed whilst the woman or girl is fully awake with no anesthetic and I don't even think I need to tell you the obvious tragic consequences such as deaths after undergoing such a procedure.

Female Genital Mutilation

Hibo Wardere was given Type 3 at just 6 years old, whilst her story is harrowing and upsetting it is also one of hope and extreme courage. Born and raised in Somalia, Hibo came to London to escape war and made herself a successful life in the UK, with the help of her supportive husband she has saved her own daughters from such a violent fate and now she is working to save the daughters of others through education.

I can't express enough just how much you need to read this book, I was unable to put this down and I'm so glad I learned more about FGM and Hibo Wardere, if you're looking for something raw, honest, inspiring and educational, Cut is one for you.

Let me know your thoughts,

Rosy xx

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Top 5 Reasons I Have Beef With Barbie

Hello Everyone,

Another Week, Another Top 5.

Today we are talk about the shady little mofo, Barbie.

Barbie, dearest, dearest Barbie. She is friend of many, famous for her fashionable attire and her unbreakable 'can-do' attitude, she really is a good, solid egg is barbie... or is she?

For quite some time I have been giving Barbie the side eye, whilst she's been floating around in a mist of pink glitter (#Goals) and cupcakes (#MoreGoals), I have been sitting watching her silently, saying little, seeing plenty...

Creepy? Yes.

Fruitful? Oh definitely.

I've come to the conclusion that our dear friend Barbie isn't as squeaky clean as she would have us believe, welcome to:

The Top 5 Reasons I Have Beef With Barbie

1. Employment History:

Why has no one ever questioned just how many careers Barbie has had? She's been a nurse, a teacher, a pilot, a vet, a dentist, an astronaut, a surgeon... Has anyone ever actually checked her qualifications? Because I'm not convinced that someone can be adequately qualified in so many fields, your thoughts?

2. Never Ages:

Barbie is around 55 years old now, she still looks 20, I'm also interested how her baby sisters are still babies? Illuminati? Aliens? One thing is for certain, that sh*t ain't right!

3. Dubious Sisters:

Putting aside the fact that Barbie and her family never seem to age, there's also the dubious question of the missing siblings, currently we have Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea (Who used to be called Shelly or Kelly but obviously entered witness protection after witnessing the Sindy fiasco *see point five*), but no one mentions the missing siblings, Tutti and Todd? Krissy? They all existed for a while then disappeared...

What did you do with them Barbie?

Also, since barbie was clearly about 40 when Krissy was released, I'm not too convinced that this was her sister after all.

This all points to the conclusion that Barbie and her family are eliminating less successful members of their cult, or, Barbie is actually the mother of a selection of these sisters, lies about it, then has them adopted or 'taken care of', Either way, it's looking shady, Barbie.

4. She's Desperate 

Now, there's nothing wrong with wanting to get married, but when you go to the lengths that Barbie does to try and force your beau to put a ring on it, there needs to be some questions asked.

I'm talking about the awkward moments when Barbie has returned to the scene as a 'Wedding Barbie' of some kind, however, there has never actually been a wedding, Barbie is still single, and, despite making Ken dress up as groom sometimes, the dude still doesn't take the hint.

There was also the forgotten case of Barbie dumping Ken and having an exotic affair with a surfer named Blaine (google it, it happened), before the inevitable reunion with Ken, who, in case you're wondering, STILL HASN'T MARRIED BARBIE.

Perhaps he knows about the missing love children?

5. What Happened to Sindy?

If you're from the UK and kind of old like me past your early 20's, you might remember Sindy, Barbie's British competition. Sindy was a more wholesome version of Barbie (with naff features like Disco hair that didn't actually really work, thanks for ruining my childhood, Sindy!), However, Barbie and Sindy didn't see eye to eye and, as time went on, Sindy began to copy Barbie's style a bit (We're talking the arrival of the boob fairy and a newly plastic surgerised face) Barbie and her people got a bit pissy at this and sued Sindy for stealing her style (again, this stuff is real, google it) and before you know it, *Poof* Sindy is gone...

What did you do to Sindy, Barbie? Where is she?

So what do you think? Do you think Barbie is secretly hiding some shady tendencies? My theory is that Barbie has some really important friends and is above the law because this just doesn't add up, I'd love to hear your theories.

Rosy xx

Monday, 7 November 2016

Let's Get One Thing Straight

Hello Everyone,

There are sometimes things in life that we would love to straighten out, but no matter how hard we try, we just can't, for example, I'd like my Mother to believe that when I was 7 years old and I rolled off the sofa onto my brother's pile of cars, it was an accident! I had no ulterior motive in destroying his 'fantastic' car tower, come on now!
Another thing I'd like straightened out is that I know double denim wasn't in when I was a teen, I know people thought I was trapped in a cowboy movie, but I knew it would come back and that I was a trendsetter... kinda.

But all the 'never gonna happen' moments aside, one thing I can straighten out is my hair.

Irresistible Me recently contacted me to see if I would like to give a try to their Tourmaline Straightening Brush which is a nifty little gadget that straightens your hair and tames frizz all by simply brushing through your hair.

I normally use my good old GHD straighteners religiously, so I was really interested to try out something a bit different to see just how easy this brush actually was to use.

I should point out that if you're UK or EU based, you'll need to purchase a US adapter plug as this brush comes with an American fitting (I just ordered one from Amazon for a few pounds) and that did the job nicely.

So what do Irresistible Me have to say about their Tourmaline Straightening Brush?

Let us tell you why our heat brush is the best in the West:
  • Superior ergonomics and the perfect bristle thickness and distance eliminate hair snags.
  • Quality ceramic and tourmaline heating surface, three times that of a normal flat iron, which means quick straightening larger sections of hair at a time.
  • Our ultra-fast recovery technology maintains a constant high temperature during use, while the tourmaline infusion emits rich amounts of negative ions to moisturize and hydrate your hair
  • Multiple temperature settings, ranging from 270℉ (130℃) to 450℉ (230℃).
  • Anti-scald and anti-static for virtually no hair damage
  • Gorgeous LCD screen display and Microprocessor control
  • Universal voltage – take your brush with you everywhere; from NY to Paris to Sydney (the only thing you will need is a plug adaptor)
  • Super light and comes in a beautifully designed box with magnetic closure that you can use to store it
  • 8 ft swivel cord.
  • Auto shut-off function

So how did it stand up to the claims?

Well I was really impressed, it does claim that using this method will give you more volume than a flat iron and I didn't notice any extra volume, but my hair is really fine and tends to fall very flat unless I use a shed load of styling product so that didn't worry me. I was also pleasantly surprised that I didn't burn! I was half expecting the ends of the brush to be so hot that it would leave me medium rare but you can actually touch the ends of the brush and not burn (If you look at the above picture of the brush underside, you'll see it has black rubber ends and the metal bit in the middle is where the heat is at, so don't go shoving your fingers in there to test it, you've been warned!)

So here's my before and after, and yes I know the top of my head is missing slightly but I had my toddler taking the pictures for me and so I think she did a great job considering how heavy my camera is!

As you can see, it's not as 'poker straight' as you get with a flat iron, but there's definitely a huge difference.

I really enjoyed trying this brush and I can imagine that I'll get a fair bit of use out of it now I have tried it, so at least I straightened one thing out... but Mum, I swear, that car thing was a misunderstanding!!

Have you heard of Irresistible Me? They also offer hair extensions and hair accessories too.

Bye for now,

Rosy xx


Monday, 31 October 2016

Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm bringing you another book review, Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland.

As always, this review will NOT CONTAIN ANY SPOILERS, so feel free to go on.

So if you follow me on YouTube (Shameless self promo), you'll have been me talk about this fantastic read as part of the HotKey books Book Tour at the beginning of this month, if not, then you should really be following my YouTube channel... Just kidding.... maybe.

Our Chemical Hearts is a newly released Young Adult fiction that tells the classic 'Boy Meets Girl' story in a way that is anything but classic.

The story follows a very likable young man called Henry Page, a film buff (that comes out in some excellent movie quotes thrown into his dialogue) with a hugely romantic heart. Henry is on the search for that heart stopping moment of first love, just like you see in Hollywood.

Enter, stage right, Grace Town.

Grace isn't your usual teen love interest, for a start, she walks with a limp and a cane, smells a little, shall we say... ripe, and she wears oversized men's clothing and yet Henry is inexplicably drawn into her complicated world.

Henry can see Grace is a collection of broken pieces and he can't resist the compelling urge he has to discover what caused the fracturing of Grace's soul and then put her back together again, the question is, does Grace want to be saved?

Filled with mystery, heartbreaking emotion, raw feelings and a scattering of hilarious conversation, Our Chemical Hearts was a fantastic read for me, and I can't recommend this story enough for people of all ages (hell I'm definitely not a teenager anymore but I can still really enjoy a good book set with teen characters), if you'd like a more in depth look at the book (and yes, still spoiler free) have a little look at the Video I recorded below.

Have any of you read Our Chemical Hearts? Would you?

Till next time,

Rosy xx

Monday, 24 October 2016

Currently In Rotation

Hello Everyone!

Lately I've been cleaning out my closet makeup storage (sorry, couldn't resist a retro Eminem reference there), and, to my intense happiness, I rediscovered some previously forgotten items and so that leads me to (drum-role please) :

Currently in Rotation
(Because I Couldn't Think of a Better Name)

Starting with the wild card of the trio, we have the 'Lovely Cookie Blusher' from the Korean Beauty brand, Etude House.
Although they have some questionable marketing ideas (seriously, read THIS PAGE, terms like 'perky young women' did make me have some serious life doubts) but I'd already bought the blusher by that point and I've actually really liked it, shame I'm not perky though.

And it comes with a vintage style puff, so you know, all sexism forgotten (jokes jokes).

Next up we have theBalm Mary Lou Manizer, I'm sure you've all seen plenty about this highlighter from heaven so I'll sum it up pretty quick, pretty, sparkles, finely milled, j-lo.

This is the highlighter you wear if you want your highlight to be the only thing apart from The Great Wall Of China to be seen from space.
It's been a real love story between us, picture that Taylor Swift song (incidentally, also called Love Story) and replace the word 'Romeo' with 'Mary Lou' and you're there my friends, you're there.

The third and final product here is the old style Too Faced Candlelight Glow, I can't find my version anymore but the newer version is much prettier anyway.

I use this as a setting powder/minimal highlight as it is flecked with a light golden sparkle, it probably wont do as a full faced setting powder for this very reason, unless looking like a twilight vampire is your thing, in that case, you rock it!

I'm not sure how I feel about the message on the mirror, on one side, it's kind of cute with a little secret message inside, on the other hand, it sounds a bit like you're being told that you can't be gorgeous without your slap on so the jury is still out on my views here.

Overall, I've really enjoyed re-discovering these forgotten products and I think it might be something I do again soon.

Do you ever 'shop your stash'? 

Till next time, 

Rosy xx

Monday, 17 October 2016

Top 5 Worst Things About Living With a Man


Hello Everyone.

Living with someone can be great, there are endless things that make living with my other half special... Ok, maybe not endless ways, maybe about eight, but that's fine right?

Not every man has bad habits and I can't claim to apply these to EVERY. SINGLE. MAN (because, sexism!) but for me, these are the points that I noticed when I took the plunge to be an adult and share my house with a significant other.

Welcome to The Top 5 Worst Things About Living With A Man.

1. Snack Gate:

I don't actually snack a lot anymore, I tend to fill up at meal times and that sees me through but, like everyone, I have my vices, chocolate.
I keep an emergency supply of chocolate nearby for those days when you just need to guzzle it all down and there it would stay, waiting for me patiently, it might be a week, it might longer but I was safe in the knowledge that when I finally felt like chowing down on sweet happiness, my chocolate would be where I'd left it.

Not anymore.

The truffle pig man I share my home with will actively hunt out anything with sugar in it and eat it... ALL OF IT within about 4.6 seconds of it entering the house. The only way my snacks can remain untouched now is with the use of sulks and threats of copious violence but he still has to remind me everyday that I have that chocolate in the cupboard which I haven't eaten yet, you know, just in case I realise I don't want it after all and will gratefully pass it on to him... *Side Eyes*

2. TV:

The amount of times I enter a room to find Sky Sports News playing away, often to itself as my other half might have decided to go look for snacks or something (yeah I'm still on that). Then he will sit and stare like a zombie whilst someone talks about a sport he has never watched, it a town he's never heard of, meanwhile, I put Gilmore Girls on and he just doesn't want to get into a debate over who is the man for Rory...


*Deep Breaths*

3. Honesty:

In my opinion, men just aren't as honest as women when it comes to the dreaded "Do I Look Fat in This?" The answer is always no, even when I try to wear jeans a size (ok, two sizes) too small for me, walking out the house feeling like Beyonce till your friend looks at you and says something like:

"Do we have to change our dinner plans now because clearly we need somewhere that'll allow pets since you've brought your camel toe along?"


4. Double Standards:

As previously mentioned, my fella has a little penchant for switching on sky sports news and leaving the room, but that's not all, he will also walk into another room and put the radio on (BBC Sports) leave that room and disappear upstairs, once there he will turn on another radio and then head into the bathroom, run a bath and sit in it, watching (you guessed it) sports on his iPad.
This is where I begin my daily ritual of walking around switching everything off again and feeling mournful of the days my house used to be quiet and tranquil, every day this happens, but wait, it gets worse.

So on the night he comes home late he will usually find me sat on the sofa reading, there will be no noise, however, I will have left the upstairs light on because, well, if the light is on then the ghosts don't come duh!

Invariably he will make a huge deal out of trying to make sure I notice him looking at the light upstairs before he switches it off, often reminding me about energy prices etc.

Mate calm the hell down it was a light and not a war on the eardrums that you leave every single day, but before I can remind him of this he has disappeared into the kitchen to check if my chocolate is still in the cupboard so he can warn me of its omnipotent presence again.

5. Stealing Toiletries:

There was once a time when we both used to have our own little His and Hers toiletries, this worked fine for me, I liked luxury and he liked whatever was on special at Lidl, I was happy to keep to my side of the bathroom, lately however, I've noticed that with worrying frequency, the Lidl bags have stopped arriving and my special shampoo disappears very quickly, turns out that my Kerastase moisture promising shampoo has been moonlighting as a body wash.

A. BODY. WASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I'm going to need my emergency chocolate now, oh wait, it's gone.

Hope you enjoyed this, let me know if you have any similar house share woes.

Rosy xx


Monday, 10 October 2016

Let's Talk About Female Sexuality | Cherry

Hello Everyone,

Today's post is going to be part book review and part frank and honest discussion of female sexuality... If you're happy with that subject matter then let's dive right in, for those of you who may find this uncomfortable - I'll see you in my next post :)

Phew, with the disclaimer out of the way, we can casually slip into the main discussion, the YA Sensation that is Cherry by Lindsey Rosin.

Cherry is everything I never knew I needed, a frank and honest depiction of four best friends about to embark upon a journey into adulthood covering all the subjects you would imagine, high school graduation, first love, friendships and sex.

As graduation fast approaches, the four girls have decided it is time to hand in their virgin status and replace it with one of experience and sexual confidence, that's right and let's say it again, Sexual Confidence. What follows is a funny and frank openness that many of us could have never even dreamed of with our own school friends... This, at first, had me a little shocked, I couldn't believe that four girls would be willing to make a sex pact "LIKE BOYS!!!" but as I continued to be drawn further into the story, I began to question why the hell a grown woman such as myself would have such amazement that these conversations are possible and I came to the conclusion that this is how many of us have been raised, and, let's be honest, that sucks, that sucks bad.
Sex isn't something to be ashamed of, it is part of life for many people and so having the ability to confide in someone close can help make sure you're not being taken advantage of and to make sure you have the self confidence to assert your own needs, and how can this be a bad thing?

Sex isn't a subject we come across too often in YA books, especially not with such refreshing honesty and freedom and ESPECIALLY not about young, female sexuality and for that, I applaud Lindsey Rosin, the woman is a genius. This book had everything you probably felt (or will feel) as the end of school or college approaches, how hard peer pressure can be, how all encompassing friendship groups can be and how heartbreaking young love can be.

The friendship group in this book is a one with all the goals, each girl is fully supportive of the other with her sexual preferences, their personal needs and their equal love for frozen yogurt.

I discuss my thoughts on how important it is to be honest about female sexuality in the video above if you're interested.

Overall, this is a book that changed the way I think and feel, and for that I would recommend this to any of you, I gave this book a solid 5/5 and I can't think of a person that wouldn't enjoy this (unless, as earlier mentioned, sex makes you uncomfortable).

Have you read Cherry? Are you likely to?

Rosy xx

*Book was supplied free of charge from publishers.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Currently Using | Skincare Edition

Hello Everyone,

Today's post is going to be a quick one (we need it after my last long, and, rather serious post about Why Getting Married Isn't The Best Day Of Your Life).

It's that time again, you know the drill, I've discovered some lovely bits in the beauty world (this time within the skincare category) and I can't wait to tell you about it.

First up in my little trio of joy is a relatively new discovery, Rosi Skinfood.

Rosi Skinfood is a very rich and nutritional Skinfood made from 100% organic ingredients. It is hugely hydrating and feels very luxurious and, most importantly, kind! I love that the ingredients in this Skinfood are natural and that it contains antioxidants and has antibacterial and anti inflammatory ingredients too.

Rosi Skinfood has been said to reduce fine lines too and I'm all about that life!

The consistency is hard, kind of like a jar of set honey which is why, I'm assuming, it came with a little spatula to dig into the pot and remove a small amount.
I've been using roughly a pea sized amount each night after cleansing, it immediately melts upon contact with my face and I'm able to easily rub this in before bed. 

For those of you who don't like scents, I must warn you that there is a prominent smell, sort of a botanical rose smell (if you've ever smelled Neal's Yard's Wild Rose Beauty Balm, you'll know the sort of smell I mean) I personally loved the smell though.

I've been using this before bed as, for me, this feels a little rich and heavy for me to use under my makeup but overnight? Oui, Ja, Yes... (All of the yesses). You can also use it as a lipbalm, a chapped skin treatment and I've been using it on sore hands too.

I've not been using Rosi Skincare for too long (a couple of weeks) but I'm already sold.

Next up we have Nuxe Dry Oil (Huile Prodigieuse).

Where have you been all of my life!?!? I have heard people raving about this product but, for some reason, I never made the leap of faith and bought this bad lad, major regret, major!

Now that this dry oil is in my life I can't imagine we will ever part, like newlyweds we are full of promise to one another and I want our love to be known by all.

I've been mainly using Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse in my hair, I put a small amount of product into my palm, rub my hands together and then run both hands through the bottom of my hair, I had a small amount of Balayage put into my hair when I donated my hair to The Little Princess Trust and obviously that means bleach which means loss of condition but I really think Nuxe is seeing me through this like the rock he is and for that, I envision many years of happiness.

Finally I've been using Neutrogena Hyrdo Boost Water Gel daily moisturiser in the morning before makeup.
This is fairly new to the market and the whole 'gel' thing got me, I love anything a bit different, call it gel or milk and chances are I'll want to try it.

As can probably be guessed, this has a gel texture and is oddly blue in colour (not sure how I feel about the blueness) but performance wise, I'm in love. This gives me a gorgeous base for my makeup, it sinks in super fast and leaves me feeling really hydrated without that sticky or heavy feeling that I detest so much, I love how quick it makes my morning routine, especially when I'm in a hurry (#MostDays) and I will definitely be repurchasing this when I use up the sample I was given.

So that's three new skincare items that have firmly inserted themselves into my routine, have you tried any of these?

Rosy xx

*Post Contains PR Samples or Items For Review


Monday, 26 September 2016

Why Getting Married Isn't The Best Day of Your Life

Hello Everyone,

It's been a little while since I posted an in depth musing so if you're interested to see why I'm ripping apart wedding days, sit back, grab a cuppa and let's begin.

It was a normal day, I was preparing some side veg for a curry dish I'd been working on for the last hour or so and my laptop was playing me some background episodes of trashy TV shows (because I do have a penchant for such things), when I heard it:

This is supposed to be the best day of my life you b*stard!!!

A cursory glance showed me an anguished bride enraged about a hot air balloon caper and it got me thinking... Is your wedding day the best day of your life?


Now I don't wish to offend any of you who disagree, I know many of you will have loved your wedding day and will firmly remember it as the best day of your life (and that's great, we're all different and we all have different experiences) but here's why I don't go all hearts and melting about wedding days.

The wedding day is usually the end result after planning, stressing and possibly crying for around a year. There's food to pick, flowers to choose, invites to sort (shall we invite cousin Hugh... I've never met him but I once met his Mum's sister's hairdresser and so he might expect an invite or we might be seen to be snubbing Aunt Valerie's second marriage?)
Then let's not even get into the cost, I went into a cake makers and asked for a two tiered chocolate cake, she thought it was for a birthday but when I stupidly told her it was a wedding cake so I'd like flowers not numbers on that bad boy she suddenly added an extra two hundred pounds! And it's not just the cake lady, the flowers cost more than 3 months food budget and it spirals on and on, luckily I was one of the first of my friends and school mates to get married (I got married very young) and so I didn't have a lot to compare it to but I've noticed that with each subsequent year on Facebook, the weddings get more and more extravagant and I've been privy to talks such as:

Well Laura had a stately home and doves so I'm going to have a castle, a horse drawn carriage, a veil made by blind virgin nuns and a talking unicorn at my wedding, wait till Laura sees the pictures!

Laura, of course, isn't invited due to the fact that she slept with the brides ex boyfriend eight years ago when they'd only dated for three days when they twelve anyway.

Then there's the expectation, the knowing that your dress better be flipping amazing and licked on by kittens because if not, you know the cousins you didn't want to invite will be secretly whatsapping pictures of it with bitchy little captions before you've even had the chance to say "I do"

The party after is usually a fun affair (I mean of course it is, you've had to spend hundreds on food and drink for people, half of whom you don't even like) but can you really enjoy it? There's circulating to be done, there's pervy uncles to avoid and family members to keep apart (your mother never did quite forgive the grooms mother for snorting at her new hairdo) all whilst trying to remember to have


So is it all worth it? Personally I don't think so because although my wedding day was ok, I'm not a party person, I didn't want to make small talk I wanted to eat that chocolate cake!

I can happily say my wedding day wasn't the best day of my life, the real best days of my life have happened way after my wedding day, the best days of my life have been amazing times I've spent with Mr Sparkles (and more recently, Baby Sparkles) and when I look back on days that have left me with the happiest memories they've been days that involved just the two of us (or three) when I've not had to put on a show and entertain everyone because I'm led to believe that will be the highlight of my existence.

I sometimes feel that this pressure stems back to the days when a woman's whole point in life was to secure herself a fella so that she could obtain the respectability that came with being a married woman but seriously, don't fall for it, marriage should be about two people committing to spend their lives together, to respect one another equally and to enjoy the good things that life has to offer whilst pulling each other through the bad times.

If you're a party person, if you've been dreaming about your wedding since you were five years old and you've mentally been picking invite themes since your teens then perhaps a big wedding is for you, maybe it will be the day of your dreams.

I never dreamed of weddings, I didn't care about dresses and castles, I never wanted to be a princess for a day. I dreamed of having freedom as a grown up, I dreamed of the house I'd have and of the children I might have, the lovely husband who was my best friend but I never stopped to think about the day I'd become a wife, just the aftermath so if you're like me, you're not a party person, if you don't want to spend close to a years wages on one day and if you found your wedding left you feeling a little underwhelmed, don't stress because the best days come after.

Like when you buy an Xbox one Christmas and spend all day together laughing enjoying being detectives on the L.A. Noire game you picked up.
Or the day you go to IKEA and buy ALL OF THE STUFF for your first home.
The day you laugh till you cry when a frog jumps on your husband's leg when he least expected it or the day you stand there holding your positive pregnancy test waiting for him to get home from work so you can show him the exciting news.

Those are the real best days.

Are you planning a wedding? Are you already married? Was it the best day of your life?

Rosy xx

Monday, 19 September 2016

The Deviants by C.J. Skuse

Hello Everyone,

I'm back with another book review  and today we are talking about The Deviants by C.J. Skuse - a YA Thriller that is being released on the 22nd September in the UK.

As much as I love the thriller genre (see my YouTube Channel which is pretty much exclusively book reviews and storytime videos) I have almost exclusively read adult fiction, but, when I heard about The Deviants, the story sounded really exciting and I found myself settling down to read my first YA Thriller since my early teens, and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait.

THEN Ella, Max, Corey, Fallon and Zane. The Fearless Five, inseparable as children growing up in a sleepy English seaside town. But when Max's older sister is killed, the friendship seems to die with her. NOW Only Max and Ella are in touch, still best friends and a couple since they were thirteen. But Ella is hiding things - like why she's afraid to take their relationship to the next level. And when underdog Corey is bullied, the Fearless Five are brought back together again, teaming up to wreak havoc and revenge on those who have wronged them. But when the secrets they are keeping can no longer be kept quiet, will their fearlessness be enough to save them from themselves?

This was everything you could want in a thriller, thought provoking and diverse characters, a gradual building of tension and an ending that you don't see coming, The Deviants is a bit of a modern day 'The Famous Five' by Enid Blyton but with much gritter issues, darker threats and main characters that aren't clear cut, whiter than white 'good guys'.

I found that I shed more than just a polite tear whilst reading this book, truth me told, I spend the whole end portion of the book ugly crying, you know the face... it's the one you never see in Hollywood movies unless the character is a bit of a tragic mess... That was me.

The Deviants is a fantastic read and one I can't wait to read again and I'm pleased to report it was another great 5/5 stars for me, it was so good that I had a house guest for a week and I forced her to spend time alone to read this book so that I could rave about it to someone in the know, at first I think she thought I was trying to tell her she had outstayed her welcome but by the end of it (whilst she also had a good cry) she was as converted as I was.

I have no clever punchline, all I have is the firm belief that if you enjoy a bit of a mystery, a tale of true friendship overcoming all and a book that will stay with you long after you close that final page, read The Deviants.

Let me know if you're picking this up when it is released on 22nd September.

Rosy xx

Book was sent free of charge, all views are my own.
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