Saturday, 19 December 2015

I'll Be Reading You

Hello Everyone!

With less than a week to go till Christmas, blog posts have been suffering in these parts, with every penny spoken for before it even arrives, my makeup and fashion stash have remained unreplenished, so I thought I would fill you in what what I've been doing in my spare time,


In the next month or so I'm hoping to have finished all of these books but even my cherished reading time has been cut into by the madness of Christmas!

The Black Spider:
A short, translated novel first published in 1842, the story follows a christening in a remote Swiss village that inspires an old grandad to tell the gathered crowd about the sinister events to take place in their town involving a demonic black spider and the heathen sinners, although it was written so long ago I really enjoyed this tale and itr was pretty grim!

Beware/Dark Mountain
A bind up of two Laymon books, Laymon writes some really gruesome horror books that definitely aren't for the squeamish.
Beware is about a small american town where some grizzly murders begin to take place, no one can find any trace of the culprit or any idea how he or she manages to never be seen till it is too late.
Dark Mountain follows two families on a group hike through some lakes and mountains far from civilization, meanwhile, a sinister pair of devil worshipers hide deep in the wilderness watching their every move.

Bloody Scotland
A non fiction book about the gruesome side of Old Scotland with stories of crimes committed around the country, I like non fiction, I like crime novels so I thought I'd combine the two.

Stranger Child
I read a book by this author for the first time a couple of months back and I was blown away by how good it was so I picked up another to see if I am as impressed as first time round.
Stranger Child is about a woman Called Emma who has a husband that lost his first wife and child in a tragic accident before she met him, fast forward a few years and they too have a child but a stranger walks into their lives that leaves Emma questioning what really happened to David's family all those years ago.

The Ship
A dystopian tale set in a futuristic London where the world is is turmoil, the government as we know it has fallen and the place is in disarray, Lalla's father has a ship big enough to escape with 500 chosen passengers.
Once they're all on board Lalla's unease grows by the day and she starts to question what her father really wants.

The Sisters
One twin sister dies and the other is left behind trying to survive whilst making a new start in Bath.
Bath brings her into a friendship with some unsettling, privileged characters.
Personal letters start to go missing and threatening messages are left behind, the mystery needs solved before it is too late.

Only Ever Yours
Another dystopian novel based in a future time when girls are no longer born naturally but bred in schools that train them in the art of pleasing men, at graduation, the highest rated girls get picked to become 'companions' to breed sons and live with a man till they are no longer useful.
The story follows two females within the school who are nearing their final year.

So this is what I plan on reading very soon, what are you reading at the moment?


Friday, 11 December 2015

Away for a Day (Or Three... But That Didn't Rhyme)

Hello Everyone,

For those of you who weren't in the know, I recently went on my travels Daaahn Saaaaf (that's down south to anyone not doing a crappy fake accent) for a wedding, the weather was certainly a lot warmer than I've been experiencing in Scotland, in fact it was positively tropical!

While I was there I hired a holiday cottage and made a couple of days of it, exploring  the area and switching off (well almost).

One of the days was spent shopping in the big smoke so I took the opportunity to have a couple of outfit shots before I had to make the 30 mile journey to the train station.

Although I was in high spirits I still managed to look thoroughly miserable in these pictures.

But of course there was time to casually stop and tie my shoes.

So that's it, pretty basic and casual, with muddy boots and jeans a size too big (thanks Primark!)

What I Wore:

Shirt - New Look | Jeans - Primark | Boots - New Look *Similar | Head Scarf - Vintage | Watch - Vintage | Bag - TK Maxx | Necklace - European Market

Hope you enjoyed this spontaneous outfit post.

Rosy xx

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My Secret Confidence Weapon | Clara Olivia


We all know by now that confidence is key in life, it is an effective tool for snagging that hot date, for wowing your peers in a presentation, bagging that job you really really want and - most importantly - knowing (and I mean really knowing) that you are something special, you are worthy and you are more than capable of tackling anything that comes your way because inner confidence brings you that outlook on life.

If you're a terribly shy person, confidence can seem like it is for those other people, the ones with the shiny hair and self-assured smiles but trust me when I say, we can all become one of those sunny people, it just takes a little positive thinking.

For me, positive thinking starts from feeling great and I feel at my best when I am wearing an outfit I love, but people seem to forget that underneath that outfit you're going to have underwear (unless going comando is what makes you feel confident and if that's the case, respect to you girl you keep doing your thing).
Underwear can essentially make or break your outfit, a badly fitting bra and a tight t-shirt can leave you looking a dress size or two bigger than you are and, worse that that, it has you constantly picking and prodding at yourself trying to get yourself back into your bra all day (been there done that) and the same goes for your bottoms... let's leave that there shall we?
Good underwear however, can make you feel great, it fits well, it holds you up where you need it and the material feels lovely against your skin. I find I hold myself differently when I am wearing better quality underwear and yes, I am more confident.

Clara Olivia make some stunning Lingerie for women with B-K cup sizes, I have the Freya Patsy set and it is wonderful, the fabric feels luxurious against my skin and is super comfortable to wear which means I instantly get a confidence boost from putting them on.
The bra supports me well with accurate sizing (I once paid the price of my mortgage for an underwear set and the sizing was so off I had to pretty much hammer myself into that bra!) so there's been no uncomfortable shimmying about or labels digging in here.
The briefs also fit well, no digging in, riding up or awkward public readjusting (you know you've done this, you know everyone saw, you didn't care because the relief was worth the shame).
Clara Olivia also offer swimwear, shapewear, sports bras and even nursing bras that are actually pretty!

There's a few items I have my eye on on their site - their strapless numbers are calling me - and I'm really impressed by what I have tried.

If you decide to place an order online at Clara Olivia use the discount code ROSY15 to get 15% off your order.

Have you got any confidence tricks to share?

Rosy xx

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