Monday, 23 November 2015

New In - The Full Coverage Foundations

Hello Everyone!

Foundations, so many on the market, so many to try, so many disappointments and relatively few 'wow' moments.
The elation of finding a good foundation is like a compulsion, I constantly hunt for the product that will give me the skin of a 12 year old, collecting favourites along the way (See why I'm All About That Base here).

In my endless quest for perfection I have been trying out two more foundations, one that hits the mark, one that misses it and I can't figure out why... Interested? Good.


Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation and Laura Mercier Silk Creme Moisturising Photo Edition Foundation

Both a bit of a mouthful, both in similar tubes and both with a good shade range, but while one is the beginning of a love affair, the other... Don't call me I'll call you.

(Disclaimer: Both sets of pictures that will follow have not been retouched at all and in both sets of 'Full Face' I wore the exact same combo of products on top of the two foundations)

Let's start with the Vichy foundation:

Vichy Dermablend foundations offer a full coverage, long wearing (16 hour) foundation that is supposed to wear comfortably whilst covering everything from minor marks and complexion complaints to severe acne and facial scarring all while delivering 24 hour hydration and SPF 35.
I have been trying out one of the newest shades (05 Porcelain) which is the lightest shade in the Dermablend range and this excited me because, come winter time, I'm pretty pale!
The foundation has yellow undertones (Thank you Vichy, thank you!) which means it can be used as a concealer too.

Warning: Bare Faced Pics Coming Now

No Makeup - Sporting Mark Where A Tin Of Beans Fell On My Face And Eye Bags of Hell.
No Touch ups... Full Glory

Excuse The Foundation Lips, Vichy Base Applied

With Full Face On Top Of Vichy

Another Full Face Shot

The Verdict:

I have been in love with this foundation, it lasts all day without breaking up and the colour match is excellent for my skin tone, also, despite being full coverage, it doesn't break me out or overly pronounce my fine lines (yeah we all know I mean wrinkles).
The overall look is a youthful one, I feel pretty confident whilst wearing this and really, isn't that all we want?
I don't normally wear full coverage foundations because they tend to age me but I didn't feel this did at all and I personally feel that the finish will suit both younger and mature skin types.
Escentual have an offer on this foundation at present too - little heads up there.
Swipe right, let's be whatsapp buddies, meet the parents because Vichy, you'll be sticking around for a while.

Star rating 5/5

Now on to the Laura Mercier foundation:

Laura Mercier produces amazing products, I've had an unhealthy obsession with the Illuminator in Indiscretion this year so I was pretty excited to try the Silk Creme Foundation - another full coverage, long wearing (12 hours) foundation but with the added claim of being ideal for video, photography and special events.
I was colour matched to the shade 'Rose Ivory' which is a really good match for me.

My Bare Face Again

With Laura Mercier Base Applied, Already you Can See How It Has Settled Into Any Lines or Pores Making Them Look HUGE
Full Face Applied On Top Of Laura Mercier. Looking Pretty Old Here

Another Full Face

The Verdict:

I wanted so much to love this foundation that I tried everything I could think if to make it work for me, I changed my application around several times, I varied the amount I used, I used several different primers, I went primer free, basically I only just stopped short of taking it out for dinner to butter it up, nothing made this foundation work for me.
The colour match of this was brilliant but it just didn't really help me look young and beautiful, I actually feel it aged me well into my mid thirties by insisting on settling into my wrinkles fine lines and I kid you not, it even added some extra lines to my face for good measure and to really stick the boot in, I found it really drying too.
I think perhaps if you are in your teens (read as: no wrinkles) or if you have a more oily skin type this might be perfect for you so do check it out, but for me... sorry Laura Mercier, I normally love you but this time not so much... Oh you want to meet up on Tuesday? Erm sorry I'm busy, I'll let you know when I'm free but don't call me I'll call you, k?

Star Rating 2.5/5

Have you tried either of these?

What are your favouite high coverage foundations?

Rosy xxx

*Post Contains PR Samples


  1. Aww I think you look lovely with both :) xx
    Glossy Boutique

  2. I've tried Laura Mercier's Moisturizing Silk Cream and find it just doesn't blend as well. I wonder what the other formula is like.


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