Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Best of the Last Minute Halloween Fashion

Hi Everyone!

Today is a quick post with some of my top picks for last minute Halloween fashion from ASOS, I'm not really one for a costume but I do love a nod to all things spooky come the 31st October and this year, ASOS seem to have nailed it.

There's still time to pick up something for the weekend if you haven't got round to it yet.

What do you think of these? Have you picked up your Halloween outfit yet?

Rosy xx


Friday, 23 October 2015

Bad Makeup Counter Experience

Hi everyone,

There's been a few technical difficulties over this area lately (internet went down, stress went up)

It's all up and running again this morning, so to step back in lightly, I've uploaded a video about a bad makeup counter experience - enjoy :)

Rosy xx


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

L'oreal La Palette Nude Rose and Beige | Beauty

Hello Everyone,

More neutral palettes today in the form of L'oreal La Palette Nude in the colours Rose and Beige.

The packaging on my two palettes is the USA version with the UK version being a little bit more compact and sleek but think of it as Geri Halliwell in the spice girl years vs 2015 - one is a little more out there and loud, the other, polite and polished but both the same inside.

Yeah I did just throw a spice girl reference out there.



L'oreal La Palette Nude Rose and Beige | Beauty

The main question here is do you need them and do you need them both? (Note - L'oreal also have a smoky option too but I am drawn to neutrals).

We have Rose (Nude 2):



and Beige (Nude 1):



In my opinion they're both gorgeous to look at, the shade range is excellent for the £15 that you'll pay for them but in both palettes I found the lighter shimmer shades to be lacking, they just didn't pack enough pigment for me, at one point in my long and trying life I'd have put this down to the simple fact that this is a highstreet palette rather than high end, but after Makeup Revolution put out those naked palette dupes with their excellent pigmentation - I know this isn't so anymore (pat on the back Makeup Revolutions - you go glen coco!)

The matte shades however.... Swoon.



Overall these are two lovely palettes - the darker shimmer shades are beautiful and the matte shades are gorgeous... Light shimmer shades were a bit 'meh' which let these down in terms of becoming a favourite (especially now that everything is compared to my cherished Lorac Pro 2 palette).
Out of the two I think I prefer palette 2 (Rose) the colours in general seem nicer on a whole so if you're getting one, that would be the one I'd recommend.

Have you tried these palettes? Were your light shimmers better or does the poor pigmentation travel across the pond into the UK palettes too?

Bye for now

Rosy x

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Edinburgh Day Out | Fashion

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm sharing with you a little bit of my day out in Edinburgh last month.

Edinburgh is a gorgeous city and I'm so lucky to live within easy driving distance of it and so I often take the opportunity to visit and enjoy all that the city has to offer.

Below are a couple of outfit pictures and some of the scenery I snapped away at while there , including a rather unflattering 'resting bitch face' and a 'hair is all over my face but hey lets use it' shot.


Then some pretty flower shots (How blogger cliché) and a house I wish I lived in:

And no outfit post would be complete without the dreaded 'Resting Bitch Face'

What I Wore:
Cardigan - Similar | Top - Hollister | Leggings - Asos | Shoes - New Look | Bag - Steve Madden 

Have you been to Edinburgh?

Rosy xx


Monday, 5 October 2015

Why Should Pierced Girls Get All The Fun?

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm picking a fight with girls who have pierced ears (not really before you all stop reading and start leaving threats in the comment section).
For years and years I have watched in envy as friends of mine get beautiful earrings, there's dangly ones and classic ones, little subtle ones and loud and proud ones, colourful ones and muted ones... the list goes on, but for me there hasn't been any because I never got my ears pierced.

This lead me down a road of ear envy for all of my teen and adult life (woe is me), I would pass earring displays and weep, I'd never be able to adorn myself with the pretties taunting me with their sparkley stones, until now

*Insert Smug Face*

Turns out that since I was a kid (shudders at my grandma phrasing) clip ons have got better, much much better!
I was browsing in Claire's Accessories for a present for my friend's little girl when I spotted their clip on earring section, I was impressed! So impressed in fact that I snapped up a few pairs and went home.
I know I'm well into my 20's and clip on earrings aren't really marketed to my age group but when they are as good quality as these I don't care, I'm going to rock them anyway!

What do you think of clip ons? Would you wear them if you don't have pierced ears?

Rosy xx
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