Monday, 7 September 2015

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette | Swatches

Hello Everyone!

Another Day Another Palette

Today I'm giving you a look at my first It Cosmetics purchase, the Naturally Pretty (Volume 1) Palette.

This was one of the palettes I showed in my USA Beauty Haul video (Shameless plug right there)

The two main palettes I got stateside were this one and the Lorac Pro 2 Palette, due to the sheer amazingness of the Lorac palette, all other palettes just can't compare at the moment and so I feel like I may have been a bit discriminatory in my usage of this palette.

Packaging wise it is stunning, blush pink suede style packing with gold writing which you can probably guess is right up my street (due to the amount of wish list style posts I've been publishing with these colours herehere and here) and the shades are all neutral and pretty (naturally pretty if you will *chortles at my own pun*)

As you can see the layout and colouring of this palette is stunning, full on heart eye emojis right here.

All the square shades are matte colours with the rectangle 'Transforming Pearl' being the only shimmer, the idea is that the pearl shade can be used over the top of your matte shades to turn it into a shimmer shade but personally I've been using it as an inner corner highlight because I like my mattes to be matte yet I do think this is a pretty clever selling point because you essentially have two palettes, one matte, one shimmer.

But then come the swatches, the colours swatch out pretty sheer and in the case of 'All Heart' - a bit powdery.
The shades are buildable however, and a good wash of colour can be achieved with a little bit of colour building (aka more is more in this case).

The below swatches are one swipe and no primer:

I stand by my original opinion in that this is a lovely little palette, the colours are right up my street and the packaging is the shizznit (I've not seen anything so gorgeous since MAC RiRi) but as I got this at the same time as my Lorac Pro 2 (Read the review if you'd like to know where to grab it in the UK), I feel like the two palettes have taken on the personality of Hollywood Heart Throbs, It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty is to me Ryan Gosling but Lorac Pro 2 is Channing Tatum and nobody tops Tatum.

You can pick up Ryan Gosling It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty here in the UK.

Hope you enjoyed this, what are your opinions? Would you be likely to grab this?

Rosy xx



  1. The fact that you've included references to both Gosling and Tatum means you are my number 1 favourite blogger ;) This palette really does look lovely though, the packaging and and shade range is fab too!


    1. What is a palette without a Hollywood Fitty comparison haha.

      Rosy xx


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