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Hello Everyone!

Hope you're all having a great week, I've been loving all this summer sun I'm so tanned... Jokes, it's rained everyday, so naturally I've been feeling a bit miserable (I mean come on I waited months and months for the 3 months of sun we are promised every year and so far my kimono remains unworn and my sandals still have the price sticker on them!) so what's a girl to do when this sort of hardship strikes?


Ok so aint nobody round here got the spends to go to a spa but in the name of pamper sessions everywhere I'm going to tell you about how I enjoy a good spa at home session (I've got you covered girls)

Mandara Spa Review

So I like to start a pamper session by getting in the mood, think soft music, favourite candles on standby, dogs provided with a bone each so they don't try and invade my bathroom (nothing quite ruins a relaxing bath than opening your eyes to come face to face with a German Shepherd) and iPhone in airplane mode, only then can I hop into my bath and begin.

Mandara Spa Review

After my obligatory soak I like to moisturise my body with a luxurious smelling body milk, enter Mandara Spa Bali Santi Nurturing Body Milk:

Mandara Spa Review

With a gorgeous scent of coconut and almond I can't resist this body milk (I'm all about sweet scents like this) and blended with lotus flower milk and yoghurt, this body milk sinks in really well and leaves behind a lovely tropical aroma, the best bit? It's only £5!

Next up I do a bit of of a foot massage, this is one major factor that differentiates a spa day to a normal soak for me because unless I'm actively taking time out for myself, my poor feet always end up neglected and since they carry me all over the countryside everyday, these bad boys deserve a treat too.
Today I'm using Mandara Spa Citrus and Coconut Foot Butter which has the same gorgeous tropical vibe as the body milk above but the citrus addition makes the smell slightly fresher which was nice.
It contains jojoba oil to soften skin, along with rosemary, lavender and sweet orange which don't interrupt the main scent but they do make for a relaxing overall experience (and ya-know, spa/relaxation, it's needed)
Then it's hand lotion time, continuing with the running exotic spa theme we have the Mandara Spa Shea and Coconut Hand Butter with the same coconut and almond scent as the body milk (continuity ladies, mix too many scents and it's going to leave you feeling like you were involved in a mild explosion at a spa shop)
With coconut oil and and shea and cocoa butters you just know this little fella is going to be moisturisng.

Mandara Spa Review

Oh and did I mention these are only £4.50 a piece? No? Well guess what, they're only £4.50 a piece.

So now I'm smelling and feeling like the goddess of all things coconut, what's left?

Lips, because after spending all day smooching Channing Tatum (or shouting of my dogs to not chase wildlife and begging a toddler not to put my limited edition MAC products into the washing machine... whichever you think might be the most likely daily occurrence) my lips are getting dry by the time evening rolls round and so finishing a spa treatment with some lip care is essential.

Mandara Spa Review

Finishing with my Mandara Spa experience, there is a choice of three lip butters in the Lip Butter Collection, shea, coconut and lime.
Not too surprisingly, coconut is my favourite of the trio and at £7 for three these work out at around £2.33 each - bargain!

So there you go, a spa evening for those of us who don't have the spends or time to visit an actual spa, all the links go to the Time to Spa website because there was an offer floating around for 15% off your spend if you subscribe to the newsletter (don't hold this as gospel but it was there when I was browsing) and you can also pick up Mandara Spa bits in Sainsburies.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know how you pamper yourselves at home?

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Rosy x

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  1. I can imagine it not only smells absolutely divine, but does allow you to escape from life for a few minutes too x

    1. It does and escaping for a while for ourselves is so important.

      Rosy x


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