Monday, 31 August 2015

Fashion | Autumn Prepping

Hello Everyone,

So today I'm sharing with you a little fashion post, as you may have noticed, summer was basically a non event and so I'm moving on to Autumn thinking because it's pretty much September time which in my eyes in Autumn.

Let me have my moment.

So my friend just bought a house and I went with her to check it all out, thus the camera moments were plentiful.

Autumn Fashion Inspiration

Autumn Fashion Inspiration

Autumn Fashion Inspiration

If there's one thing I love, its a dungaree dress. I picked this one up in Primark last week for around £10 and I love the rusty red colour.

Autumn Fashion Inspiration

The pretty little golden side zip was also a nice little detail I thought.

Paired with a simple black top and black leggings, this is an easy, everyday wear with the perfect colour palette for Autumn.

Autumn Fashion Inspiration

Autumn Fashion Inspiration

My shoes of the moment are my Charlotte Olympia Dupes that I dedicated a whole post to if you click the link, the watch is Kate Spade.
Fashion | Autumn Prepping

Adding a gorgeous shot of my double chin I didn't know I had till now.

Autumn Fashion Inspiration

So that's my look today I hope you like it.

Shop The Look:

While I can't find everything I've done my best to find something similar wherever possible -

Shoes: ASOS
Leggins: Easily found in most clothing shops.
Dress: Primark - Similar
Wishbone Necklace: ASOS
Watch: Kate Spade

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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Do You Enjoy Reading and Book Reviews? - BookTube

Hey Everyone,

Quick message today, as some of you will know I've recently started a beauty, fashion and life channel on YouTube (which is here if you've not popped over), but what you might not know is that I also started a BookTuber channel too which you can find here.

So if you like books and book reviews in general, please subscribe :)

Bye for now.

Rosy xx

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Lorac Pro 2 | Where To Buy in the UK

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm sharing with you my new Lorac Pro 2 Palette that I discussed in my USA Beauty Haul video and I couldn't resist this update because I've been using it everyday.

Lorac Pro Palette 2 Swatches

Lorac Pro Palette 2 Swatches

Lorac Pro Palette 2 Swatches

I have the original Lorac Pro Palette too but I have to say that I prefer the Lorac Pro 2, the shades are just prettier in my opinion and I seriously can't get over the pigmentation or how easily they all blend, basically, with the Lorac Pro Palette 2, applying makeup is really easy, and I like easy. 

Lorac Pro Palette 2 Swatches

Lorac Pro Palette 2 Swatches
Those Shades Though!

Now I know what you're thinking - so many neutral palettes in my collection do I really need more?
Well in this case, yes, yes I do and it is right up there in one of the top spots of all time for me.

Finding the Lorac Pro 2 in the UK is difficult but it can be done, Rose's Beauty Store has it (if you're willing to pay a fair bit more than you'd pay for it in the states) but if you're looking for a budget option, Makeup Revolution does a close dupe shade wise but the quality wont be quite as good but for the price difference it is certainly one to watch!

Have you got anything from Lorac?

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Rosy xx


Monday, 24 August 2015

Carton Trending - It's a Thing

Hello Everyone!

Today we are discussing milk and juice cartons, yup no lies.

No I've not been paid by Ribena to tell you all to carry around juice cartons as part of your look (but if you're reading Ribena I'm totally up for that)
No, today I'm just sharing with you an interesting trend I have noticed, Carton Bags.

Milk Bags

During a recent Internet shopping binge I noticed that there was an influx of all things grocery starting to appear in various shops (prices ranging from the affordable shop's own brand to the luxe Cravendale) this is certainly a statement trend.

What are your thoughts and feelings on the carton bag trend?

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Rosy xx


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Charlotte Olympia Dupes | Summer 2015

Hello Everyone,

Today we are talking about some dupes for one of my favourite high-end designers: Charlotte Olympia .

If you're not familiar with Charlotte Olympia, she has the most swoon worthy flat shoes in quirky designs (personally I'm not a fan of most of her heel collections on account of the height of the heels, so high I'm certain I'd end up in A&E if I tried to wear them).
After months of drooling over the kitty flats in particular I realised I'd need to re-mortgage my house to afford my wishlist and so I started to look for dupes.

kitty flats

Kitty Dupes

ASOS were selling these lovely shoes, not a cat exactly but a mouse, and with about a £300 difference in price I'm pretty happy to switch a cat for a mouse till I get richer.
These shoes sold out pretty quickly after I bought them but they're still around in Gold and if gold isn't your thing? Well then my lovely friends, I've scoured the aisles pages of ASOS and found some of the best Charlotte Olympia style flat shoes they have, be quick though as some are in the sale and probably wont be around long.

Kitty Flats

ASOS Like a Pro Ballet Flats | ASOS La La Ooh Flats |New Look Black Slipper Shoes | London Rebel Lipsy Lips Point Flat Shoe | Melissa Ultragirl Black Cat Shoes | ASOS Mozzer Loafers |

What do you make of Charlotte Olympia?

Rosy xx

Monday, 17 August 2015

I Like To Smell | My Favourite Fragrances

Bonjour Tout le Monde!

Today I'm sharing with you my top 3 smells (perfume wise that is, if we start getting into things like food or other smells we will be here all week)

Back to perfume, if we are ever to meet, chances are I will smell of one of these:

Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy - A strong and sweet smell, it is quite a heavy perfume and I would describe it as a 'young' scent, I possibly won't repurchase her when I run out as I'm slowly becoming elderly more sophisticated but we have certainly had our fun and I wont be forgetting this one.

I look at Viva La Juicy as I do on my student days - fun, carefree and occasionally sickly (you know what I mean fellow survivors of studenthood) but also less revisited as I grow older and more refined (chortle).

We've had good times my friend, good times.

Top notes: Juicy mandarin and wild berries.
Heart notes: Honeysuckle, jasmine petals and gardenia.Base notes: Amber, caramel woods, vanilla, sandalwood and praline. 

Jo Malone - Peony and Blush Suede Cologne - A light and floral scent with a subtle sweet kick.

This was my first Jo Malone perfume that I picked up on a trip to that London place on my birthday, This is definitely my most used perfume of the last year.

It reminds me of feeling happy, contented and pulled together, a splash of this and I instantly feel ready for my day,
It is grown up without being heavy or in your face and I think this might be the one to replace my signature scent (see the below perfume for the reason I need a replacement) and has spurred me on to have a rather large Jo Malone wish list.

Top Note: Red Apple
Heart Note: Peony
Base Notes: Suede

Agent Provocateur - Eau Emotionelle - A lighter version of the Agent Provocateur original scent (which, FYI, burns my nostrils) This perfume became my signature scent, I wore it constantly for years and had so many compliments but then it suddenly became impossible to find.

I've found it on amazon and I think I might stock up because I have a sickening feeling this might be getting discontinued.

This was the first 'adult' perfume I ever bought and I wore it during some of my most exciting times that I've ever had and so this scent makes me think of adventure, of feeling confident and carefree. It breaks my heart that this smell might soon be gone forever.

Top Notes: magnolia and Indian saffron.
Heart Notes: gardenia, vetiver, Moroccan rose and Egyptian jasmine.
Base Notes: amber, musk and cedar.

So what are your favourite scents and smells?

Rosy xx

Friday, 14 August 2015

So I Bought A Kate Spade Bag

Hi Everyone,

Today's post is to show you my new love in life, my Kate Spade bag.

Sorry about the low quality video, I'm waiting on a new camera, bear with me,

Bye for now 

Rosy x


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Getting Naked in Style | Soap and Glory

Hello Everyone,

Today we are chatting about getting naked, nude, in the buff - whatever you want to call it, we all do it (I hope!).

I'm talking, of course, about bathing and showering.

Getting clean can be as pleasing or as horrific as you make it, in my experience there are certain products that can can make bathing a lovely experience you look forward to - a bit of personal time-out to indulge the senses and emerge from you bathroom a new woman smelling of mystery and chill out (too far?) but similarly there are products out there than can make your alone time feel more like a sheep bath than a calming retreat.

Thankfully for us, there is Soap and Glory.

Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub and Whipped Clean Soap and Glory Review

 I have been buying Soap and Glory for years and it is safe to say I'm a serious fan, there's not been a time in the last five or six years that there hasn't been something from their extensive range sat in my stash (apart from the sad sad time the discontinued my favourite night cream ever, it was called Night in Shining Armour and it was magical but moving on...)

My stash has recently been updated with two new bits (and just in time because I used the last of my Sugar Crush Body Wash which FYI smells like sunshine and happiness).

Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub and Whipped Clean Shower Butter - take a moment to appreciate the play on words that Soap and Glory are famous for, I love a little wordplay which you'll know if you read this blog a lot.

Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub Soap and Glory Review

Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub Soap and Glory Review

Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub Soap and Glory Review

Smoothie Star is your typical Soap and Glory scrub, delicious smelling and lovely to use, this one smells sweet and almondy with maple but also contains honey, banana and cupuacu bio scrub (which I hear is good at providing moisture to dry or damaged skin but don't hold me to this).
Overall the scrub left me all soft and smooth and combined with the delicious smell this is a winner for me.

Whipped Clean Soap and Glory Review

Whipped Clean Soap and Glory Review

Whipped Clean was a new experience, having used all of Soap and Glory's scrubs at one point or another I'm in familiar territory there but I've never tried a shower butter.
The idea behind a shower butter is to clean and moisturise at the same time, genius! Cutting out moisturising after a bath suits me fine, I always find I'm running short on time after a bath (because I end up wallowing like a hippo in there every time) so combining steps? #win.
This little gem has a plethora of ingredients including sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, macadamia nut oil with shea and cocoa butters then scented with pistachio, almond and vanilla.

In one word this smells divine, next time you're passing Boots get yourself in there and sniff these two bad boys, if you don't walk out with them in your bag then I will be shocked. (note: I'm talking about paying for them, not literally slipping them in your bag - that's kinda frowned upon)

Do you have any Soap and Glory recommendations for me? I'm thinking of trying the makeup range soon and I've heard the brow archery pencil is good, anyone tried it?

Hope you enjoyed this, let me know if you smell these and your thoughts.

Rosy xx

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Monday, 10 August 2015

Etude House Lovely Cookie - Peach Choux Wafers

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick one today, I thought I'd show you a lovely little blusher I picked up lately from Etude House (a Korean beauty brand if you're not familiar with the name) and having previously reviewed an Etude House Lovely Cookie blush in the shade Grapefruit Jelly (Photography wasn't my strong point back then, keep that in mind if you click through to this review)

Long story short I really loved the cute design and performance of the blush and so I ordered another Etude House Lovely Cookie (interesting name for a blush I know) this time in the shade 'Peach Choux Wafers'


Etude House Lovely Cookie - Peach Choux Wafers review

Etude House Lovely Cookie - Peach Choux Wafers review

I opted for another peachy pink shade because I don't have many peachy pink shades in my collection, so far I really like the colour Peach Choux Wafters and it has been a lovely colour for summer (what we have seen of it)

Etude House Lovely Cookie - Peach Choux Wafers review

Although it is sheer you can see how natural this blush looks.
It is buttery to the touch, lasts all day and comes in cute packing, what's not to love?

Hope you enjoyed this little post today, quick and to the point... Etude House rocks.

Have you ever tried anything from Etude House?



Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Sparring Partners | Spa At Home

Hello Everyone!

Hope you're all having a great week, I've been loving all this summer sun I'm so tanned... Jokes, it's rained everyday, so naturally I've been feeling a bit miserable (I mean come on I waited months and months for the 3 months of sun we are promised every year and so far my kimono remains unworn and my sandals still have the price sticker on them!) so what's a girl to do when this sort of hardship strikes?


Ok so aint nobody round here got the spends to go to a spa but in the name of pamper sessions everywhere I'm going to tell you about how I enjoy a good spa at home session (I've got you covered girls)

Mandara Spa Review

So I like to start a pamper session by getting in the mood, think soft music, favourite candles on standby, dogs provided with a bone each so they don't try and invade my bathroom (nothing quite ruins a relaxing bath than opening your eyes to come face to face with a German Shepherd) and iPhone in airplane mode, only then can I hop into my bath and begin.

Mandara Spa Review

After my obligatory soak I like to moisturise my body with a luxurious smelling body milk, enter Mandara Spa Bali Santi Nurturing Body Milk:

Mandara Spa Review

With a gorgeous scent of coconut and almond I can't resist this body milk (I'm all about sweet scents like this) and blended with lotus flower milk and yoghurt, this body milk sinks in really well and leaves behind a lovely tropical aroma, the best bit? It's only £5!

Next up I do a bit of of a foot massage, this is one major factor that differentiates a spa day to a normal soak for me because unless I'm actively taking time out for myself, my poor feet always end up neglected and since they carry me all over the countryside everyday, these bad boys deserve a treat too.
Today I'm using Mandara Spa Citrus and Coconut Foot Butter which has the same gorgeous tropical vibe as the body milk above but the citrus addition makes the smell slightly fresher which was nice.
It contains jojoba oil to soften skin, along with rosemary, lavender and sweet orange which don't interrupt the main scent but they do make for a relaxing overall experience (and ya-know, spa/relaxation, it's needed)
Then it's hand lotion time, continuing with the running exotic spa theme we have the Mandara Spa Shea and Coconut Hand Butter with the same coconut and almond scent as the body milk (continuity ladies, mix too many scents and it's going to leave you feeling like you were involved in a mild explosion at a spa shop)
With coconut oil and and shea and cocoa butters you just know this little fella is going to be moisturisng.

Mandara Spa Review

Oh and did I mention these are only £4.50 a piece? No? Well guess what, they're only £4.50 a piece.

So now I'm smelling and feeling like the goddess of all things coconut, what's left?

Lips, because after spending all day smooching Channing Tatum (or shouting of my dogs to not chase wildlife and begging a toddler not to put my limited edition MAC products into the washing machine... whichever you think might be the most likely daily occurrence) my lips are getting dry by the time evening rolls round and so finishing a spa treatment with some lip care is essential.

Mandara Spa Review

Finishing with my Mandara Spa experience, there is a choice of three lip butters in the Lip Butter Collection, shea, coconut and lime.
Not too surprisingly, coconut is my favourite of the trio and at £7 for three these work out at around £2.33 each - bargain!

So there you go, a spa evening for those of us who don't have the spends or time to visit an actual spa, all the links go to the Time to Spa website because there was an offer floating around for 15% off your spend if you subscribe to the newsletter (don't hold this as gospel but it was there when I was browsing) and you can also pick up Mandara Spa bits in Sainsburies.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know how you pamper yourselves at home?

Oh and don't forget to check out my High End Blog Sale :)

Rosy x

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