Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Pink and Rose Gold Wishlist | Accessories

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm back on the Pinks and Rose Gold wishlists this time with some drool worthy accessories for you,

If you've missed my previous Rose Gold lust-lists there has been a Shoes and a Fashion version prior to this but I thought I'd throw in an accessories post so everything you own and wear can be rose gold HURRAY (Side note, probably don't wear everything Rose Gold all at once or you might look a bit dememted... Unless you're a huge celebrity then aint nobody gonna mention it)

Without further ado here we go:

Pink and Rose Gold Wishlist | Accessories

1. Olivia Burton Rose Gold Watch

2. Asos Zip Top City Bag

3. Ted Baker Sirene Sleek Bow Cuff Bracelet

4. Monya Vintage Style Clip Clutch

5. Asos Ombre Watch

6. Asos Open Leaf Cuff Bracelet


  1. I have fallen in love with the Asos watch oh my goodness it is so so so pretty! Also the leaf cuff bracelet might be making it's way into my basket sometime soon. The rest of these are all really cute, although the Ted Baker bracelet looked more like a headband to me at first!

    Fii || little miss fii

    1. Haha, now you mention it, it does look a little like a headband!

      Rosy x

  2. I love Olivia Burton watches, this one is perfect!! x
    Glossy Boutique


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