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Preparing for a Job Interview | Don't Say DooDoo

Hello Everyone,

Today we're discussing the terrifying world of employment and how to try and prepare for the legal torture session that is the 'Job Interview'

The job market isn't always the easiest to break into, it can often feel like a series of knock-backs, hidden rules and expectations mixed with the kind of fear that makes you filled with self doubt all the way to your soul (too far?)

These days finding jobs to actually apply for is getting easier, We don't have to waltz around place to place handing out our CV and a knowing smile, we can cut out that particular ordeal by looking for Jobs Online with stress and time reducing features such as filling in a profile with your areas of expertise and having suitable vacancies sent to you so you can apply from your sofa, coffee in hand towel on head, spinach in teeth - ain't nobody judging! (Unless you don't live alone, in that case the spinach might still be a step too far.)

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So assuming that all goes swimmingly, the job vacancies roll in, the offers for interviews filling your diary, what now? How do you prepare for a job interview?

Fear not chums, here's the lowdown ***Disclaimer: These are my opinions not some sacred law, keep that in mind and let us begin.

1. Research:
You must, I repeat MUST know your shizz about the company, there's going to be no call back if it is obvious you haven't read up on the company.
I'm not talking reeling off facts and figures here but don't be walking into an opticians, for example, and telling then you'll be perfect for the job because you enjoy fitness.

2. Dress The Part:
Your outfit needs a certain amount of consideration, tailor it to your company of choice, this is not a case of 'one size fits all' in your interview clothes pile. In much the same way that you wouldn't (I hope) turn up to an office in a t-shirt with the words 'The Next Mrs Beckham' emblazoned on the front, there are similarly jobs that don't work with an extremely formal attire, here's a true story, I once went for a job in a casual company, the job would involve getting a bit grubby while working with animals etc, it wasn't a managerial role and our interview letters even advised us to come to the interview in 'casual' attire. I wore black skinny jeans, nude slip ons and a plaid shirt, my competition wore a suit and tie. Not only did this show he couldn't follow direction from our letter, it also showed he hadn't thought about the company (see point 1).
I got the job.
Nuff said.

3. Makeup Like a Pro:
In much the same way that your wardrobe speaks about you, your face does too, if you wear makeup, please, for the love of life, make sure it is appropriate. Don't go for a job as a children's nanny wearing 3 layers of foundation, a pair of false lashes, ruby woo on your lips and wink at the dad while you tell them how much you'll love their darling children as if they were *hold it, mirror check, sure you just smudged your liner*... The dad might want to hire you but ultimately you're not getting that job.
I find that for an interview you want to look fresh faced as possible, minimal makeup, neutral eye shadow, one coat of mascara, minimal blush - you get the idea.

4. Be Confident:
Employers usually want someone who radiates confidence, there's no tip for becoming confident overnight, but try to remember that you're there for a reason, they invited you! You're just as good as anyone else there and you deserve this job.
If that doesn't work - fake it! Lots of eye contact, smile and don't um and aah when asked a question, deliver what you have to say - trust me, it is interesting.

5. Say Appropriate Things:
Nerves can get the better of us and make us say stupid stupid things, try and use your brain to mouth filter before you spout any inappropriate jokes (personal anecdote here, I was once in a group interview where the interviewer said "There'll be lots of time when you do do the...." at which point she was interrupted by the candidate who said "HA! DooDoo" he didn't get a call back)
Linking in point one here, don't say things that will insult your company, for example, don't go for a job with a cosmetics company and when asked a question about makeup say "Me? Oh hahaha no I don't need all that I only wear mascara" BOOM slap in the face to all the other people there.
Finally ask questions, prepare a couple in advance to make sure you have something to say when they ask you, you'll look prepared and interested and you'll stick in their minds for the right reasons.

Preparing for a Job Interview | Don't Say DooDoo

I hope you enjoyed this Preparing for a Job Interview post,

Have you got any further tips or any horror stories?

Rosy xxx

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  1. This was an informative and funny read! Thank you for the tips, I'll keep them in mind :D. I always have this feeling that your first job interview is the worst since you really don't know what to expect.

    xx Izzy | Qthee

    1. The first job interview is so scary, it's never as bad as you expect though in the end.

      Rosy x

  2. Excellent post; I could have used it a couple of weeks ago!
    My top tip is not to put too much pressure on yourself, difficult as it is. I left a job I'd worked at for 6 years last month because I'd just had enough. I went to an interview, didn't get it, went to another (and then 4 more!) was offered the job, the same day the person who I was dealing with for the job I didn't get called me to say he'd referred me to their sister company, so I went to that interview, it was PERFECT for me, and now I've been offered that job and accepted it! I think it went so well because I was quite relaxed so it was more like a conversation than a nerve wracking interview, because I had nothing to lose!

    I've got a new post about my nail routine, if you're interested :)
    Hannah x

    1. Wow I'm so pleased you had the courage to leave a 6 year job and finally find a job that is right for you, well done on getting the job I hope it works brilliantly for you :)

      Rosy x

  3. I agree; it all comes down to preparation. That can serve as your blueprint for the rest of this journey towards employment: from the way you know your company, to how you set yourselves up for the work. Thanks for this very rigorous reminder.

    Waylon Grimm @ All Force Labour Solutions


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