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Non Fiction Recent Reads

Hi Everyone,

Today I'm doing a collective book review of some of my recent non fiction reads.

As you may have seen if you have read my previous book reviews (here, here and here) you will see I enjoy a wide range of genres but these three grouped together nicely.

Bought and Sold - Megan Stephens

Megan Stephens tells her harrowing story of how she was trafficked within the sex industry by a man she loved when she was still just a young teenager.
This is not a book for the feint hearted, it is raw, descriptive and fully emotive of the horror of the situation.
The story really leaves you a bit more savvy into the dark and twisted world of human trafficking and may open your eyes to a world you couldn't have dreamt up even in your most twisted nightmares, the ease at which these people infiltrate lives, separate you from your friends, family and even yourself is hard to believe.
If you're looking for an educational - albeit difficult read, this is a book for you.

On holiday from the UK when she was just 14, Megan meets a charming man in a bar, seeming to offer her the love affection she is missing in her home life back in the UK, she quickly falls for his charms, little does she know it is all an act and he isn't all he seems, this seemingly chance meeting is a catalyst that sparks a chain of events culminating in her six year captivity and abuse in one of the worst possible ways.

I'm glad I read this book, I feel I really leaned a lot about the world within these pages.

The Real Lady Detective Agency - Rebecca Jane

Having turned accidental detective in her own failing relationship, Rebecca discovers she has a hidden talent for sniffing out deception, couple this with the unhelpful and intimidating private detective agencies she came across during her own pursuit to catch her cheating ex, Rebecca decides to start up 'The Lady Detective Agency'.

This book reads like a kiss and tell with gossip about the lives of some of her clients, the love rats and swindlers that she catches, the pets she gets asked to look for and the outcomes that are stranger than fiction.
This is a very easy read, perfect for summer reads.

If you do enjoy a bit of a gossip now and then and aren't looking for anything you need to concentrate on then 'The Real Lady Detective Agency' will be right up your alley.

I enjoyed this book but I did find Rebecca Jane quite brash at times, I definitely wasn't wanting to rush out and befriend the woman but she does make for an entertaining read.

The South Shields Poltergeist - Michael J Hallowell and Darren W Ritson

Not usually one to read ghost books, I was pulled into reading this as it is set not too far from the town I grew up in and so it was there, in my reading list.

First up I have to say that this book is horrifying and infuriating in equal measure, horrifying due to the apparent poltergeist activity that is discussed in this book, its like a printed version of the paranormal activity films, enough to freak me out enough that I found going to bed in the dark a bit scary after reading a chapter or two but leading on to the infuriating part - this book has more waffle than a Belgian waffle shop! I seriously don't know why some of the details in this book made it into print, think I'm being harsh? Well I don't want to read about the variations of full English breakfast the two authors eat in a book apparently about a poltergeist, and this sort of boring tangent happens time and time again through each chapter...

If you can deal with ghosts and also about who likes beans on their breakfast and who doesn't, then pick this up for a scary read.

Have you read any of these books?
Do you have any similar genre recommendations?

Rosy xxx


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  1. The bought and sold book sounds really good, I do like some good non fiction to learn a bit more as I read! x

    Jasmin Charlotte


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