Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Magnitone Lucid First Impressions | Review | Discount Code

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm sharing my first impressions Of the Magnitone Lucid Cleansing Brush, I have been testing this brush out in the past week - which doesn't sound long enough to be writing a review but Magnitone have a 7 day promise whereby they say you will have softer, brighter, clearer skin within 7 days of using their Cleansing Brush and so this is a mini review, a 'miview' if you will.

Magnitone Lucid First Impressions | Review | Discount Code

I have suffered recently with a horrible breakout, I normally have pretty smooth skin but after this breakout I'm really struggling to get my skin back to normal, this is why I was excited to try the Magnitone Lucid out for myself, anything to try and save my ruined face (another post will be coming soon about the cause of this breakout).

I was a bit worried that this brush would hurt or feel uncomfortable on my face, I pictured a large electric toothbrush that would flay me within an inch of my life and having heard some horror stories about a similar cleansing brush (by another brand I'm sure you've heard of) I was expecting a bit of discomfort but I needn't have worried, Magnitone have a setting for sensitive skin and recommend you don't use your brush for over a minute at a time for the first 5 days of use - also the Magnitone Lucid beeps at 20 second intervals to let you know where you're standing on the old time front - handy.
It is also fully waterproof too so you can use your Magnitone in the bath or shower, not just at the sink (but don't actually fully submerge it in water, it's a cleansing brush not a submarine).

Magnitone Lucid First Impressions | Review | Discount Code

Magnitone Lucid First Impressions | Review | Discount Code

So how does it feel?
Like nothing really, a bit of a vibration but that's all, I don't scrub my face with this (that would be madness), I just gently move the head around my face using my normal cleanser (Liz Earle if you're interested)
Afterwards my face feels clean but not sore or sensitive and none of that horrible tight feeling that tells you that you've gone Kanye West (as in gone waaaaay too far) so I'm quite happy to keep using the Magnitone Lucid to see what happens next.

So Far I've noticed my skin does look a bit brighter and does feel softer but I've noticed no difference to my breakout yet, however I will update you all with another review when I have had longer to use the Magnitone Lucid Cleansing Brush - hopefully I will have the face of an angel by then.

Discount Code

Discount code, discount code DISCOUNT CODE!!! Have I told you all that Magnitone gave me a Discount Code to share with you all? No? I'm subtle that's why...

Jokes aside, if you want an impressive 20% off your own Magnitone Lucid enter the discount code 'Rosy20' I'm not sure how long this code will last so get in with the speed of a thousand gazelles.

You can choose different colours too, of course mine had to be pink but there's yellow, blue and green too.

Speak to you all soon

*PR sample


  1. I'm currently trying it out too! Now that I'm used to the sensation I find it really relaxing! x

    1. takes a while to get over the fear of using it I found but it's fun to use :)

      Rosy xx

  2. I haven't tried this but it does sound lovely!! I just think it really adds to getting that 'clean skin' feeling so will definitely look into it! :)

    Layla xx


    1. I've been using it a bit longer now and I've noticed a massive improvement in my skin. I'm in love with it.

      Rosy x


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