Friday, 29 May 2015

Father's Day Approaches | Gift Guide

Hello Everyone,

Today I've put together a pretty epic (if I do say so myself) gift guide for your Dads or Husbands on Father's Day - FYI it is on 21st June in the UK this year.

Father's Day Gift Guide

So I'm sure you're all familiar with gift guides so I will cut the rambles and just crack on.

For The Well Groomed Dad:

Father's Day Gift Guide

1. Jo Malone Cologne Duo Gift Set - Let us be frank, Jo Malone is amazing, for the dad that loves grooming, this would be perfect.
2. Penhaligons Nickel Shaving Set - A timeless shaving set made in the UK for all skin types.
3. Magnitone Luicid - An amazing cleansing brush I've been trying out lately and it has made my skin really soft and bright, the marketing seems to be at women but plenty of men cleanse too, there's different colours so you don't have to get pink!
I have a 20% off discount code (Rosy20) and no - I'm not affiliated with them.
Read my Magnitone Review here.
4. Clinique Gift Set - Can't really go wrong with a skincare giftset, and its black - very manly!
5. Howick Tailored Circle Cufflinks - These are really detailed and look way more expensive than they actually are, if you have a Dad in your life who wears suits, these may be worth a look.
6. Vivienne Westwood Wallet - Be quick, there's not many of these left in stock.

For The Playful Dad:

The Website 'I Want One Of Those' (IWOOT) is excellent for all sorts of gadgets and fun gifts for the young at heart dads out there.

Father's Day Gift Guide

I was kindly sent a couple of their gifts to have a look at, I can't find the Egg Cup or the No Sew Buttons online but the other items are a Wallet Ninja and Star Wars Fighter 3D Model Kit.

Some of my other top picks are:

Father's Day Gift Guide

1. Key Kong - I had a proper giggle at this, I do love a play on words.
2. Funny Side Up Egg Mould - I love this, will work well with kids too FYI.
3. 3D Ice Shark - I'm not going to lie, I want this too, I'm not sure why or how it would be used but damn it I want to make an ice shark!
4. Say Cheese Novelty Cheeseboard - Again a play on words, hilarious at all ages.
5. Assault and Pepper Shakers - May be inappropriate for some guests but perfectly acceptable to me.
6. Smartphone Projector - I've never seen these before, this looks amazing and hours of fun for the playful Dad.

(P.S. IWOOT also have a voucher code page)

The Sentimental Dad:

Father's Day Gift Guide

For the Dads who love personalised gifts GoneDigging is an amazing personalised gift website I love. Some of my top picks are:

1. Engraved Hammer - A DIY Dad should love to have a hammer with a personal message and really the jokes could be endless here if you're not one for mushy messages.
2. Personalised Travel Map - If your Dad likes to travel this should suit him nicely.
3. Personalised Leather Bracelet - Masculine and a lovely keepsake.
4.Personalised Classics - Change the names of lead characters in Classic books, this would be an amazing gift for a reader.
5. Personalised Dad Book - This will be especially cute if you're buying this gift for a little one to give to their Dad.
6.Personalised Mug - And then there's always the standard mug.

Hope you enjoyed this guide and hopefully you picked up a few gift ideas?

Rosy xx



  1. Lots of great ideas thanks have not bought anything yet!

    1. I'm still debating what to buy too xx


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