Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Signature Fragrances Review | Lurre

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm writing a little fragrance review of a sample I recieved from Signature Fragrances - a company founded by two friends with a passion for perfume.

Signature Fragrances provide fragrance oils that contain little to no alcohol at Pure Parfum strength which means your perfume will last and last all day with the belief that 'your perfume has the right to be smelled by others'.

Sounds good to me, I personally love it when someone compliments me on how nice I smell (incidently, I'm not happy when someone tells me I smell unpleasant either - obviously) so I do like to exercise the right of my perfume to be smelled by all around me (yes I'm that woman).

The little sample bottle I recieved comes with a little perfume dabber as opposed to the regular spritz top which I did like, it means you can apply your perfume to the correct area and not end up with it on sleeves, scarves etc.

The scent I chose to sample is Lurre - one of the site's bestsellers from their 'Sweet' range.
And this is very very sweet.

I'm normally a crisp scent person, spring florals, cucumber and citrus style - that sort of thing so this is a little leap into the unknown for me.

Signature Fragrances says:

Lurre reveals itself as a sweet yet sophisticated scent, exuding distinct notes like strawberry and vanilla, against a backdrop of amber and golden musk accents. This sweet scent appeals to your childish alto-ego side.
Top: Rose, Strawberry Fruity
Heart: Vanilla, Honeysuckle, Musk
Base: Amber, Golden Musk
Mood: Sweet & Childish

As a bit of a fragrance novice (I recently came under fire from a fragrance fanatic after proclaiming my love of 'One Million' for men - apparently this is blasphemy, not that I care, I like what I like, you know?) I'm not an expert at picking out different notes, however that tells me what the average woman will smell and thus, I, the average woman, smell Strawberry and Vanilla, this is a very sweet scent, If this scent were a celebrity I would say she would be Taylor Swift - Sweet, Girly, a little intense at times but overall, pleasing.
Will it change the style of perfume I choose in future? Probably not, as I've already said "I like what I like" but I would be quite likely to try more from this brand as even a perfume novice such as myself enjoys a good quality perfume.
What sort of scents do you tend go for?

Rosy Xx


  1. I haven't heard of this brand before, so I'll definitely keep a look out for them and have a sniff when possible. I love fresh, fruity scents which also have a warmth to them. My absolute favourite is Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir.

    Alice from Alice Grace Beauty


    1. I've never smelled pomegranate noir but I want to everyone seems to love it!
      Rosy x

  2. I don't think I've come across this brand before, but I love sweeter scents!

    Kathryn | Nimble Note

    1. Definitely worth a try then, a little goes a long way.

      Rosy xx


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