Thursday, 26 March 2015

Too Faced Soul Mates Ross and Rachel Review

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm showing you something im so excited about, a new limited edition duo from Too Faced.

Too Faced Soul Mates Ross and Rachel Review

Too Faced Soul Mates Ross and Rachel Review

Too Faced Soul Mates Ross and Rachel Review

Too Faced Soul Mates Ross and Rachel Review

The cute little heart compact houses a blusher and a bronzer (two things Too Faced do really well) but the cute factor goes through the roof with the name of this.... Ready for it? Soul Mates - Ross and Rachel, yup that's right Ross and Rachel. Now I could go on a whole day or six about how much I love friends and how happy I was when Ross and Rachel finally got it together but that's a whole other post. In the meantime lets talk makeup.

The packaging of this duo is so cute, a love the sleek black heart and it is way bigger than I expected from the pictures online - it fills my whole palm.

Below is an arm swatch, the first picture shows how nicely pigmented this duo is, no patchiness or chunky glitters to be seen, the second picture shows the swatches after a little bit of blending, they blend like a dream which makes wearing them easy - even if you're not a blending queen.

Too Faced Soul Mates Ross and Rachel Review

This is what Too Faced say:

Bronzer and Blush: the power couple of beauty. A duo made in makeup heaven to add warmth, contour and a pop of color for the radiant look of true love. Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer combines a shimmering, sun-kissed bronze and a brightening pop of blush that can be used separately or blended together for a healthy, beautiful glow.

ersonally disagree with the 'contour' bit because I feel shimmery powder is best used for a glowy sunkissed look and mattes look better as a contour but overall the effect is lovely and glowy and Ross and Rachel... ROSS AND RACHEL!

I'm wearing both powders below on my cheeks swirled together and blended. Apologies about my skin, I'm suffering from a bit of an outbreak at the moment but I didn't edit it as you can't see the true colours then #bloggerproblems

Too Faced Soul Mates Ross and Rachel Review

Well that's it for now, will you be picking up Ross and Rachel? Be quick as it is limited edition.

**side note - there is a 'Carrie and Big' version but I've not been able to source it anywhere.

Rosy xxx


Friday, 20 March 2015

Annabelle's Wigs 3 Ways Challange

Hello Everyone!

Today I will be showing you three very easy styles you can do with a 3/4 wig.

I was sent a hairpiece by Annabelle's Wigs to participate in this Challange, the 3/4 wig they matched me to was 'Rebecca' a long hairpiece with subtle highlights which turned out to be a pretty good match to my natural hair colour.

So without further ado here we go (be warned, it's selfie central up in here).

Obviously you could just wear the hairpiece flowing and without styling to get lovely thick long tresses, as this isn't exactly a 'do' I'm not including it as one of the three but I couldn't resist adding more selfies to this post (I spent hours taking pictures I'm going to share as many as I can, please smack me if I end up going all Kim K with quantity)

The first real style I attempted was a cascading rope braid, I used my real hair to work into the hair piece from my parting, you take two pieces of hair (in this case, one from the hairpiece and the other from my real hair and cross them over each other, keep adding hair from either side as you work down your hair - like a french braid but with two sections instead of three.
For those not familiar with the technique, there's a tutorial here.

Next I made a nice side bun, I went with a very spring style by pinning a floral hairpiece randomly around the bun, I also back combed a bit to get added crown volume, I realised after I took these pics that it was a bit uneven at the back (ok more than a bit) but if you were doing this for real you would obviously do better checks before you left the house.

Finally I went for a gathered bun at the nape of my neck with some serious backcombing and a hairband for added bling/hiding the join between your real hair and your hairpiece.
I used pins to secure the loose bun at the back.

So there we have it, hope you have enjoyed looking at my shameless selfies, incidently, if you'd like to see more of me but with added hashtags (#nofilter #hair) check me out on Instagram and follow *plug plug plug*

How would you style this hairpiece? What do you think of these looks?

Rosy xxx

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Her by Harriet Lane | Book Review

Hello Everyone!

As you might know by now I love to read, so I thought I would pop another book review here for you.

Today we are looking at Her by Harriet Lane

The tag line for this book is 'You Don't Remember Her But She Remembers You' which is a real draw to me, I find the idea of someone mysterious from your past resurfacing in your future a little unnerving to begin with but as this book is a thriller, it helps to rev up the sinister factor.

'Her' looks at the seemingly separate lives of two woman in London of the same age, both appear to be living very normal lives - one is a stay at home mother of two, the other is a successful artist with a slightly dysfunctional family but no more so than many of us, however, a seemingly inconsequential event in one of their lives directly started a spiral of events that blow massively out of proportion at the hands of the other.
This book is very well written at the start, jumping back and forth between the two main characters ensures you're quickly sucked into their world, I was hooked from the first two chapters, the mystery of why one woman starts to unravel mentally at the sight of someone she hasn't seen in years is a page turner, however, for me things soon become a bit too sinister.

If you are a mother you might find reading this book a bit too much, I'm all for a bit of cloak and dagger but directing that dagger at a toddler (albeit a fictional toddler) is a bit too much for me, if you are less bothered by such subjects you may still enjoy this book, I personally think the author takes things a tad too far and that impacted my ability to enjoy the book, yes it is still compelling but I wasn't able to enjoy the book after the introduction of harming children, had I known that this would essentially play out as a leading theme in the book, I would never have picked up a copy as it just isn't my cup of tea.

That aside I still feel the ending of the book was seriously lacking, it seems like the book ends suddenly mid story, I don't know if that was for dramatic effect or if it was a tactic to leave space for a sequel but either way I was left feeling like I had eaten half a meal then had it removed before my eyes.

Overall I wouldn't really recommend this book because even if the subject matter doesn't leave a sour taste in your mouth, the abrupt ending probably will.

Have you read this book?
What did you think of the ending or the taboo of messing with someone's children?

Rosy xxx

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Signature Fragrances Review | Lurre

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm writing a little fragrance review of a sample I recieved from Signature Fragrances - a company founded by two friends with a passion for perfume.

Signature Fragrances provide fragrance oils that contain little to no alcohol at Pure Parfum strength which means your perfume will last and last all day with the belief that 'your perfume has the right to be smelled by others'.

Sounds good to me, I personally love it when someone compliments me on how nice I smell (incidently, I'm not happy when someone tells me I smell unpleasant either - obviously) so I do like to exercise the right of my perfume to be smelled by all around me (yes I'm that woman).

The little sample bottle I recieved comes with a little perfume dabber as opposed to the regular spritz top which I did like, it means you can apply your perfume to the correct area and not end up with it on sleeves, scarves etc.

The scent I chose to sample is Lurre - one of the site's bestsellers from their 'Sweet' range.
And this is very very sweet.

I'm normally a crisp scent person, spring florals, cucumber and citrus style - that sort of thing so this is a little leap into the unknown for me.

Signature Fragrances says:

Lurre reveals itself as a sweet yet sophisticated scent, exuding distinct notes like strawberry and vanilla, against a backdrop of amber and golden musk accents. This sweet scent appeals to your childish alto-ego side.
Top: Rose, Strawberry Fruity
Heart: Vanilla, Honeysuckle, Musk
Base: Amber, Golden Musk
Mood: Sweet & Childish

As a bit of a fragrance novice (I recently came under fire from a fragrance fanatic after proclaiming my love of 'One Million' for men - apparently this is blasphemy, not that I care, I like what I like, you know?) I'm not an expert at picking out different notes, however that tells me what the average woman will smell and thus, I, the average woman, smell Strawberry and Vanilla, this is a very sweet scent, If this scent were a celebrity I would say she would be Taylor Swift - Sweet, Girly, a little intense at times but overall, pleasing.
Will it change the style of perfume I choose in future? Probably not, as I've already said "I like what I like" but I would be quite likely to try more from this brand as even a perfume novice such as myself enjoys a good quality perfume.
What sort of scents do you tend go for?

Rosy Xx

Saturday, 7 March 2015

A Country Dog Walk | OOTD

Hi Everyone,

A little OOTD today, this is the one where I went on a country walk (let's be honest, I go on a country walk everyday but today I had a willing camera man so an OOTD was a must)

I love living in a rural setting, it makes for so many relaxing days out with the pets, they're both country dogs and do much better off lead so City walking is a nightmare of me being dragged down a road looking flustered!

What I Wore:

Blazer - Ralf Lauren. Similar Here
Scarf - Powder* Pink Ribbon Foundation and you can see a more in depth scarf review Here
Jumper - ASOS. Similar Here
Jeans - Wildfox
Wellies - Hunter
Ring - Similar

What the Dogs Wore:

Real fur sadly, I keep asking them to switch to faux, they could be zebra print, pink, long and shaggy! But no they're insisting on the real deal... I'll keep trying.

And finally, of course when I decide to go shooting an OOTD the wind began... Oh how it began.

Hope you enjoyed this OOTD, what do you wear for dog walks?

Rosy xxx

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What I've Been Loving This Month | February Favourites 2015

Hi Everyone!

So today I'm sharing with you a number of things I've been loving this month, I don't always do a monthly favourites post - simply because I often use the same things from month to month but as it's been a while, I thought I'd share.

YSL Youth Liberator Foundation
I previously wrote a full review of the YSL Youth Liberator Foundation which you can see by clicking on the link. Quickly recapping on what I've said before, this is a serum based foundation that glides on and sinks in like a dream, buildable medium coverage makes it perfect for winter skin that tends to have more imperfections and blemishes.

Too Faced Candlelight Face Powder
A gorgeous lightweight powder that adds a slight luminosity to your face as you use it. This was an accidental buy as I meant to pick up the Candlelight Glow powder but bought this instead. After using it I'm pleased I made the mistake!
It contains loads of skin boosting vitamins such as Vitamin C and Chamomile and is intended for use as a setting powder or applied to a bare face for added glow.

Bliss Fat Girl Slim Anti Cellulite Cream*
Despite the very non-subtle name of this cream, I have been enjoying rubbing it into my *ahem* problem areas *ahem* every time I have a shower.
It smells like a hybrid between peppermint and bonjella (which I find strangely alluring) and contains caffeine molecules to energize the skin and promote firming and contouring which helps to get rid of any little dimples you might have.
I've not been using it too long but I'm sure I can see a difference in the appearance of my skin in the areas I've been using this cream.
Using caffeine in this way is fast becoming a celebrity and supermodel trend, if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me.

Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm
This is the perfect gloss/balm I think it picks me up every time I wear it.
It is juicy without being sticky, shimmers and makes your lips look fuller and happier. A light fruity scent makes it delicious to wear and the squeeze tube applicator makes applying so so easy, no mirror needed!

Well that's my February list of most loved items,
What have you been loving this month? Anyone using my favourites this month?

Rosy xxx

*PR Sample
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