Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Low Key Valentine's - Aka Top 10 Valentine's Day Movies

Hello Everyone!

Today we are discussing Valentine's Day, love it or hate it, it's upon us.

Many of you will be going out on candlelit dates, cinema visits etc, however some of us either don't really bother with Valentine's Day on a large scale.
So for those of us that fancy a nod to the romantic, from the comfort of your own sofa, here are my top 10 Valentine's movies


Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - A favourite of mine, think of 'A Christmas Carol' but for the modern day dating world, rather than being a penny scrimping miser, the lead character is serial dating heartbreaker who is visited by the ghost of his uncle (in a funny way not a terrifying way) to show him the error of his ways.


Knocked Up - Not the traditional Rom Com scenario, one night stand with two people terribly suited (one works for E! the other gets high a lot and is unemployed) ends in an unexpected pregnancy. Hilarious but also very feel good.


Love Actually -  Technically this is a Christmas film but I love it at Valentine's Day. All the stories intertwine and it is such a clever film with loads of feel good outcomes. Some of the best british talent are in the casting for this film and it is just one of the best films ever.

An Officer and a Gentleman -  An oldie but a goodie, I'm sure everyone has seen some sort of parody or re-enactment of the end of this film (if you haven't I won't spoil it) but it's definitely worth a watch for a more 'grown up' rom com.


Ghost - If you've not seen this film ask yourself why?! It is simply a must see, there will be tears, there will be slight cringes at some of the questionable 90s dialogue but there will be fun had by all.


The Vow - One of the beat parts of this film is that it's based on a true story. A loved up couple are in a car accident and when the woman wakes up she has no memory of her life after she got with her husband. She can only remember her life at home with her parents and her ex... Awkward.


17 Again - Ever wondered what would happen if you could go back and do it all again? Would you make the same mistakes? Are they even mistakes at all?
This is a surreal film about a middle aged man who married his pregnant high school sweetheart but years later is feeling like he threw his life away. He gets the chance to be 17 again and do it over, but will he choose the same life again?


Friends With Benefits - An unlikely subject for a romantic movie but roll with it, Mila Kunis is one of my favourite actresses and she is (as usual) on fine form in this movie. This movie is basically about what happens if you try to be 'Friends With Benefits' but start to get feelings.


The Lucky One - If ever there was a movie that makes you fall in love with the lead character, this is it. A soldier returns from war in Iraq with a picture of a woman he has never met who saved his life without her knowing.
Cue a journey to find said woman, mix in some cute 'one man and his dog' and a grown up Zac Efron and you're on to a winner.


The Notebook - The most romantic film I've ever seen, it has it all (including Ryan Gosling). I'm not a movie crier, this movie along with one other (Marley and Me)  had me crying like a baby.
Brief synopsis, boy meets girl, girl is from rich family who don't approve of her new love with little prospects.
Girl goes to school, boy goes to War, girl gets engaged to someone else then they meet by chance.
You need to see it  if you haven't already.

Well that's it from me, hope you enjoyed this post and found a movie or two to see.
Are any of these firm favourites with you?

Rosy xxx

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  1. Ghost is a classic! It makes me cry every time haha! Great picks xx
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

    1. I love ghost, the penny part has me in floods.

  2. My hubbys working on Valentines night, so I think I shall be watching some of these! Great post!


  3. Love Actually is one of my top 10 films of all time! No matter what the season! I cry every time I watch it. The Notebook is classic, and I cry every time I see it too. I am a huge Rachel McAdams fan, as her latest movie "About Time" was wonderful. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. Romantic and has a sweet message.

    1. I've not seen about time but I've been meaning to I love Rachel McAdams too :)

  4. Friends with Benefits is one of my fave films. Forget Valentines Day it's a great film for any day. hehe x


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