Saturday, 31 January 2015

Home Delivery Pet-Shop - The Way Forward **warning contains cute pet pics**

Hello Everyone!

So today we are talking about PetShopBowl, a nationwide home delivery service catering for the needs of our furry friends.
The idea of the website came from the founder after watching the struggles his mother went through trying to carry heavy pet food and cope with last minute dashes to supermarkets to stock up all while dealing with arthritis.

With supermarkets and specialised pet shops getting more and more expensive, many of us are looking for alternatives without sacrificing quality, this is where Petshopbowl come in.
So what do they do? Well on their website they state:

  • We stock over 10,000 products and all major brands of pet food and supplies
  • We offer a unique subscription service called BOTTOMLESS BOWL to ensure you never run out of pet food again.
  • We deliver everything straight to your door and offer free delivery on all orders over £19.99
  • We aim to provide excellent customer service

Now it's no secret that I love my pets, I have two dogs who are basically attached to me 90% of the time, so when PetshopBowl  offered me the chance to try out some of the products they offer I was more than happy to participate (or should I say my doggies were!)

This is what I received:

First thing I need to comment is how incredibly generous this box of goodies was - I was asked the breed and name of my doggies and also asked if there was any dietary issues or any likes and dislikes before this goodie bag was put together, this showed a genuine compassion for my pets rather than taking a 'One Size Fits All' approach.
Secondly I would like to comment on how fast the delivery was! I was informed something had been popped in the post and a day later it was in my kitchen!

So what was in the box?

Roadkill Squirrel - now I couldn't find the squirrel on their website anymore so the link goes to a similar Roadkill Fox.
My dogs loved this, I'm sure they would offer up heart emojis if they could.

It started friendly enough,

I couldn't get a clear picture of 'the kill' as they were both trying to win and running all over but eventually there could be only one winner...

The little one, obviously ;)

Next I was sent a selection of food and treats:

Canagan Large Breed Dog Food
Almo Nature Chicken and Brocolli
Almo Nature Tuna and Rice
Munchies Chicken and Cheese natural Dog Treats

I was particularly impressed with the food as I used to be a pet nutrition adviser in a previous job and I'm very into reading the compositions of various pet foods and these are pretty good, the pups loved them!
Also, needless to say, the treats went down a treat too *pun intended*
(Note: you should always change pet food over the period of a week or so gradually mixing it in with the last of your pet's usual menu to minimise risk of an upset tummy - the following picture sees my doggies eating a mix of my usual foods and some of the above mentioned food)

Suffice to say this has been a very fun review to participate in and I really enjoyed bringing my 4 legged best friends to Sparkles of Light.

Do you have pets? What do they love to eat?

Rosy xx
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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Models Own Lip Stix - Pink Powder - Review

Hi Everyone!

Ah lipsticks in a pen, we have seen most highstreet companies release their own version of this design in drips and drabs over the years after the success of the chubby sticks by Clinique. Most of the high street versions have (I personally feel) surpassed the original and become cult in their own right, some however have been massive flops and so I was definitely intrigued to try what Models Own have to offer.

Models Own Lip-Stix are described as:

Deeply nourishing and ultra soothing, Lip-Stix impart intense colour for draw-dropping lips in seconds - line, define and colour all in one swipe to create a precision pout, quickly and easily. Super smooth, lips are immediately infused with moisture, giving a gorgeous, long-lasting satin finish. The retractable crayon will never need sharpening - just twist the bottom of the barrel and apply straight to lips!

But how was it in person?
The initial swatch did feel very smooth and glossy, pigmentation is good but not too 'loud' so this will be perfect for day to day wear (if cool pinks are your colour that is, if not then maybe try another shade.)

Applied to my lips the result was similar, very easy to wear and not at all sticky.
I didn't find it particularly moisturising but it certainly didn't dry my lips out either however it did seem to sink into the lines on my lip a little bit which could be an issue.

Overall this is definitely a winner if you're after a nice budget lip pen to throw in your bag for everyday wear, at £4.99 these are certainly budget friendly.

I was sent this pen to try out by Product Testers but all opinions are my own.

Hope you enjoyed this little post.
Rosy xx

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Monday, 26 January 2015

OOTD - A New Look

Hi Everyone!

I named today's 'A New Look' post due to the fact that most of it is actually from New Look... This was purely accidental but I did recently treat myself to a New Look haul...
Anyway, this is what I am wearing today.

I love this coat, such a gorgeous winter bright, I don't know about you but I'm getting fed up of all the dark colours now, it's time to inject some colour back into my life.
My hair is a simple sideways French braid tied up at the back of my head to keep it in place.

Red Pocket Front Collarless Coat  - New Look
Jumper - TK MAXX
White Plain Cami - New Look
Brigitte Super Skinny Jeans (Similar to ones worn)  - Missguided
Brown Chain Front Ankle Boots
Earrings - Primark

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Toodles xxx

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Nanshy 4in1 Makeup Sponge Review

Hello Everyone!

So today we are talking about a makeup sponge from Nanshy - a cruelty free makeup brush and tools brand.
I love cruelty free beauty and I had already heard of Nanshy when I was offered the chance to try out their sponge blender, needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity.

Nanshy say this sponge can be used for a plethora of applications, liquid makeups, cream makeups (including cream blusher) along with mineral based and wet/dry powders while the innovative shape of the sponge makes it a multi-use tool in one go.

The flattened rise up top lends itself well to contouring around the nose and eyes, tapering down to the flat edge perfect for wide flat stippling.
For easy grip nanshy have incorporated an indented waist in the centre which makes it more comfortable to hold in place as you layer and blend to achieve an airbrushed finish.
The bottom of the blender can be used in the traditional way we have seen before with blending sponges -  blending large areas of your face or for rolling on foundation, however, this little green wonder has a slightly flattened bottom so you can stand your sponge in an upright position for drying after cleaning or just when not in use (this finally puts a stop to the dreaded rolling away!).

How To Use a Blending Sponge or Beauty Blender for Foundation:
1. Hold the sponge under running water whilst squeezing until your sponge expands (alternatively you could hold it under water and squeeze there)
2. Remove from the water and squeeze out excess moisture (you want your sponge to be slightly damp)
3. Pat over a towel if the sponge is still a bit too wet.
4. Swipe it across your liquid or cream foundation.
5. Apply first at the mid section of your face (near your nose) and sweep out product across your face.
6. Blend and Done.

So what is this blender really like?
In all honesty - it is fantastic, very soft and comfortable to use (I have tried a few different blending sponges in my time and had some experience with harder offerings that end up feeling like you're trying to whack your makeup on with a brick).
The curves of the body shape really do all live up to their various claims and made application of my foundation so easy.
I love a good beauty sponge because I do think they help create the airbrushed look we all want because they take away the time consuming task of buffing makeup in to avoid streaks and to get even coverage meaning that they are perfect to try if you are new to makeup or don't always have the time to select and use various brushes in a mass array of size, shape and finish.
I particularly recommend this sponge for the use of cream blushers, it takes away the stress of blending them evenly without moving your foundation around your face!

Overall I would definitely recommend picking up this essential tool and giving it a go, the official release isn't till Feb but you can sign up for the waiting list for the Nanshy 4in1 Blending Sponge
by clicking the link.

Toodles xxx

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Friday, 16 January 2015

HotHair 3/4 Wig 'Brianna' Review

Hello Everyone!

My oh my do I have an exciting one for you today, a review of the most gorgeous 3/4 wig from HotHair.
I was offered the chance to try a hairpiece by HotHair from Michelle from TSNC Blog (check her out she has some great content!) and I was very excited to see the 'Brianna' piece in the review line up, as I already have longish hair, this was a piece I thought would really show a difference, and I wasn't disappointed.

After finding the parcel in my car (my postman apparently engages in breaking and entering vehicles when I don't answer the door), I couldn't wait to try it out, and I have been trying it out for the past few weeks.

The hair piece came packaged nicely in a logo box with tissue paper wrapping and a cardboard insert to keep the hair in place, the hair was in net to keep it pristine.

The hair itself was colour matched to me after sending pictures of myself via email, I was matched to the shade 'Ginger Brown' and I couldn't believe it when it turned out to be an exact match.
Made of a high quality synthetic fibre made to look and feel like real hair this wig comes with a slightly waved style and as it is synthetic, heat styling must never be used.
I personally think it felt just like real hair and clipped in, my other half couldn't tell the difference between my hair and the wig (apart from length obviously)

The wig is so easy to fit in, I either slide it in just below my crown and cover the join with my real hair, or I slide it in above my crown and use a hairband to hide the join. It feel comfortable to wear and with the combination of clips and slides, it won't budge wen you're out and about.

So let's commence with the selfies.

Here I am with my natural hair and hair length:

And here is the difference:

In that picture I'm using my own hair to cover after placing the wig just below the crown.

Here is a pic of me using a headband to cover the join after attaching the wig above the crown:

And one from the side with the hair going down my back:

So overall I think you can tell I love this, like seriously love. Heart emojis, the works.
Have you tried anything from HotHair?

Toodles xxx

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Illamasqua Highlighter Brush - A Must Have Multi-Use Tool

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm sharing with you a fantastic brush to add to your collection, that little gem is the Illamasqua Highlighter Brush.

I don't normally write brush reviews on here but as I've never seen anyone else mention this brush in all the thousands of blog posts I read, I couldn't allow it to remain overlooked anymore.

This brush is special, a multi-use tool that holds a prime place in my collection and a brush I use almost daily.
Illamasqua themselves market this as a multi-use brush and I originally bought it because their website claims this brush can be used to buff their skin base foundation into the skin (which incidentally had been the only brush I have found makes my Skin base foundation look flawless) and I fell in love from there.

This is what Illamasqua say:

 Illuminate your alter ego. Use the Illamasqua Highlighter Brush to apply highlights to anywhere you'd like to draw attention; try it with Illuminator or Pure Pigment. Wonderfully versatile, this brush can also be used to buff Illamasqua Light Liquid or Skin Base Foundation onto the face, to create a long-lasting polished finish.

All Illamasqua brushes are hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. Because we use advanced synthetic hairs instead of animal products, they're completely cruelty-free.

The cruelty free factor added to my love of this brush, with its silky soft bristles and its sleek black handle I feel I might be a little in love.

Illamasqua recommend this brush to be used for their foundations or to illuminate your features but I use it for a few different areas:

1. Highlighting (obviously)

2. Contouring - the small size of this brush makes it perfect for applying cream or powder into your contour areas.

3. Buffing - be that foundation, concealer, cream products, highlighter or blush. This brush is perfect for them all.

4. Setting powder - I don't use setting powder over my whole face, mostly on areas I've applied concealer or a cream contour so the small head on this brush works perfectly.

5. Blush - the small head size means you can get a precise application of blush to your cheeks rather than the 'aim and hope' that can sometimes occur with a larger brush.

6. Skin Base Foundation - this is the only brush I will use for this foundation now.

So there we have it, do you have this brush? Do you use it for everything too?

Toodles xxx

I'm in Look Magazine

Hi Everyone,

Quick post today just to let you all know I'm in Look magazine :) squeeeeeeeee!

Page 21.

Toodles xxx


Monday, 5 January 2015

Miss Rebel Wishlist

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year (I know I did), however it's the day dreaded by most, it's 'back to work' day. All up and down the country a collective sigh was heard as we all woke up and headed off to our respective appointments or dreary places of work (unless you work in retail or some sort of public sector, in which case you have probably been working all along and for that I sympathise - I too used to work in retail).

It may seem like all fun has been sapped out of your life at the moment, but wait.... There's always shopping!
Too poor after Christmas? I hear your cry, that's why you should take a look at Miss Rebel, the prices are fantastic and with loads of gorgeous items on offer, it is just what we need in the wake of our post-festivity slump.

Below are 5 of my favourite items from the website but as I sit here, coffee in hand, this wishlist is growing and growing!

1. Mono Check Print Cape - £20

This cape adds an effortless chic to your daily attire, I would throw on a fedora, a belt and some leggings for  a comfy and stylish day look.

2. Pugs Sweatshirt - £9.99

Who doesn't love a cute sweatshirt for day to day style? I have so many sweatshirts I feel I could open my own shop but the draw of the pug is strong.
Skinnies and converse would complete this look for a casual day look.

3. Celeb Buttons Skater Dress - £17

Very similar to a dress seen on Khloe Kardashian recently, this dress could work as both a daytime or nighttime staple, everyone knows about the little black dress, pair of pretty heels, hair and makeup done and you have a dress that could see you through a good night out, however, semi opaque tights, ankle boots, chunky scarf? You've got yourself a perfect chic day look or a low key date outfit.

4. Bunny Rabbit Knitted Jumper - £7.50

Ah I'm back with the cute jumpers again, this one has a rabbit - nuff said!

5. Big Aztec Knitted Cardigan - £15

I love how this cardigan adds a pop of sophisticated colour that could brighten up any outfit with very little effort, perfect if like me - you're always on the go and rarely have time to sit and spend ages co-ordinating your outfit.

Make sure you take a look at this website and delay work for a little longer.

Toodles xx
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