Monday, 6 October 2014

Perfume Tips for Sensitive Noses

Hello Everyone!

Today's post is for those of you who love the idea of perfumes but can't wear them because they have sensitive noses, I am one of these people, wearing a fragrance can often leave me with a throbbing nose or a headache meaning that for a couple of years I avoided perfume altogether, however, I devised a few tips for myself that helped and now, I love perfume!

Tip Number 1:
Control the amount you use, although it can be tempting to press the spritz button several times, the reality of that is an overpowering scent, you will more than likely end up with a headache within the hour and your friends and family will smell you about 10 mins before you arrive!
Stick to two squirts at the most - this might seem a small amount but remember, you're trying to deal with a sensitive nose here.

Tip Number 2:
Rather than spraying your perfumes onto your body, try spraying a scarf, that way you can carry your scent around all day and if it all gets too much then you can just take the scarf off, simple!
Word of warning, some perfumes can stain so make sure you test this perfume on your scarf in a small unnoticeable spot first and never ever spray a silk scarf, they're more likely to show a stain and also they are generally more expensive.

Tip Number 3:
For a more subtle scent that is unlikely to cause you a headache or irritate your nose, don't spray yourself or any of your clothing, instead, spray the air infront of you then walk through it, this way the scent particles stick to various parts of you so that the smell is not concentrated in one area and the overall effect is a subtle fragrance.

Tip Number 4:
If you have been avoiding perfumes for a while, an expensive perfume can be very strong as a starter scent, try buying yourself a body mist instead, that way you can work your way into perfumes without spending a lot (incase you don't get on with it) and also body mists tend to be weaker than actual perfumes.

Tip Number 5:
Finally, if you just can't get on with body mists or perfumes but still want a signature scent, try adding a few drops of essential oil to water and splash yourself with it in the morning, I'm talking a couple of drops in a whole sink of water. You're going for a hint of scent here, essential oils are very concentrated do they must be very well diluted if you're going to wear them on yourself.

There we have it!
Have you used any of these tips yourself?

Toodles xxx



  1. love this! i get really bad headaches and can't stop sneezing with strong perfumes so these tips are great!

    1. Thank you! I hope it means you can now wear more perfume as there are some gorgeous ones on the market xx


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