Monday, 22 September 2014

Colorsport - Rapid Lash-Gro Eyeliner Review

Hello Everyone!

Today we have a little review post of the Lash-Gro Eyeliner by Colorsport.

It's no secret that I am a bit of an eyeliner lover, it was one of the very first items of makeup I ever tried (just behind eyeshadow which was my gateway cosmetic...) and so I an always on the look out for different types, colours and applicators.

Enter Colorsport Lash-Gro, an eyeliner with an eyelash serum incorporated into the formula. This formula claims to give the lashes a fuller look in 4-8 weeks. I already have quite full eyelashes anyway so I can't comment there but using the actual eyeliner is a breeze, with it's long handle that is easy to grip, achieving a fine line is relatively easy, the formula is very wet which means that you can easily draw a cat-eye or dramatic line look in one swoop with no tugging on the delicate eye area (tugging is a no no!) but it does also mean that you have to wait a couple of moments for your eyeliner to dry if you want to avoid smudging.

Wear time is decent with me getting a full day out of this eyeliner, however, accidental eye rubbing can smudge the liner on me, but I do tend to get oily lids when I wear a heavier eye look so if you have dryer lids this might not be an issue for you.

Now for the obligatory selfie with my makeup look achieved with the Colorsport eyeliner:

You can pick up this eyeliner from Boots or you can also find it on Amazon or Ebay and other beauty websites.

Have you tried any Colorsport products? I've got my eye on their 24 Hour Black Eyeliner too as anything long lasting draws me in :)

Toodles for now xxx

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