Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Worst Tweezers Ever?

Hello Everyone!

Well two bad reviews in a row :/ rarely do I buy something I hate because I spend so much time reading reviews that I tend to build wishlists based on good reviews but occasionally a baddie sneaks into my stash and that is what happened here.

This set of tweezers are made by a brand called 'Sweezer' and they weren't cheap! I like the bright colour of the design but unfortunately these tweezers do nothing, and I mean literally NOTHING they seem incapable of grabbing any hair regardless of  length, trying to pluck your eyebrows with these tweezers is like trying to turn a rabbit into a gorilla, NEVER.GOING.TO.HAPPEN.

Save your money girls or at least invest in a pair of tweezerman tweezers, they don't let you down in your hour of need.

Toodles xxx


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