Friday, 27 June 2014

Makeup Revolution Haul

Hello Everyone!

Today is a rather predictable Makeup Revolution haul, I say predictable because almost all the blogs I read at the moment are featuring this brand and I finally jumped on the bandwagon and made a couple of purchases, however, rather than gathering the 'iconic' palettes that are dead ringers for the Urban Decay Naked palettes, I decided that I would opt for something entirely different - afterall, I already have the Naked palettes and do buying dupes would be a bit superfluous.

I know what you're thinking, wow.... Bright. Yes they are bright, no they're definitely not everyday wear, but they certainly are one thing, fun!

Makeup Revolution - for those of you who don't know - is a new budget beauty brand with prices starting at £1 for a lipstick - pretty amazing! It is everything another budget beauty brand with similar pricing (naming no names here) should have been.
Pigmentation is amazing, product performance is really good in the products I have tried and I have to say I'm pretty excited about this brand. So here's a more in depth show of the items I picked up.

This palette called my name, I don't have anything as bright as this, I have a couple of singles from Illamasqua that are bright and cheerful but not a full palette.
As you an see from the swatches, pigmentation is pretty fantastic, I have created a few eye looks with this palette (another post will be coming) and I can say that they perform well and blend together easily. I love this palette.
You can pick up the Acid Brights palette here for £4.

Next up I wanted to try a blusher from the range, blushers excite me, I am addicted and so it seemed only right that I should try one priced at just £1.
I have tried a similar priced blush from a similar budget brand and was disappointed by the lack of colour payoff and the texture and so I didn't hold high hopes, I was wrong - pigmentation is amazing! And wear time was pretty much all day, I will definitely be picking up more from the range.
The colour I bought is called (rather fittingly) 'Wow' and you can grab it from the Powder Blush section by clicking the link.

Finally I snapped up two lipsticks at £1 each in the colours 'Immoral' and 'Crime'.
Now I know these aren't lipsticks you can wear out, but at £1 a go I couldn't resist and they will be perfect for parties or creating fun looks. The blue went on easier and more opaque than the yellow but for £1 each, these amazed me too. You can grab these lipsticks from the Limited Edition Scandalous Collection here.

So what do you think?
Personally I'm blown away by the quality and price and I can't wait to try more from the range.

Toodles for now xxx


  1. Wow those lipsticks, cant see me wearing them on a daily basis but yes..
    Also the blue reminds me of friends (the tv show not literal ones) hahaha

    1. Haha yes I know the episode, the one where Joey does some adverts for Japan :) xx

  2. Your so brave to try out these colours! So hats off to you! I think they would be good for dressing up at festivals:) Mabye you could do a festival look with these for us? :)


    1. Thank you, I will definitely think about a festival look there's loads of looks you could keep from this palette :) xx


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