Sunday, 4 May 2014

MAC Proenza Schouler - My Picks

Hi Everyone!

Today I'm showing you the items I have picked up from the MAC Proenza Schouler Collection - starting with the outer packaging...

I was so excited when I spotted this collection and grabbed the two bits I had been waiting for - then paid an extortionate amount for next day delivery - then missed said delivery and had to call them back.... But I won in the end and they were mine.
I picked the blush ombré in 'Ocean City' a coral blush that fades into a beige in a gorgeous ombré design.

I also picked up a lipstick in the shade 'Mangrove' - a super bright orangy-red with a matte finish.

First impressions are excellent, both products are beautifully packaged, the packaging is so different to the usual MAC packaging that you wouldn't initially recognise them as MAC by looking at them.
One downside however, is that the mirror packaging scratches so easily, I've already damaged both boxes.
That issue aside though and it is stunning to look at.

I wore both items yesterday to try them out for a first impressions and they are lovely, the blush isn't too pigmented so it is easy to build it up to just the right intensity, the lipstick didn't drag or pull at the lips and didn't appear to dry my lips out at all, for a matte lipstick, that is quite impressive to me.

Will you be grabbing anything from this collection?
Toodles xxx


  1. OMG this blusher... Beautiful beyond words! I'd be afraid to use it not to spoil it! ;)

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it? I love the ombré design so pretty! X

  2. They look so pretty. I haven't purchased anything from MAC in a while but the new collections look incredibly tempting.


    1. It's the limited edition packing that draws me in every time lol xx


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