Tuesday, 6 May 2014

#Flashmob Cosmetics Review

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm showing you some pieces from a relatively new brand called #flashmob.

I was lucky enough to be sent a few items from the line to try out and it has been fun playing with them!
#Flashmob are all about electric colour and glitter, I love a bit of colour play myself, there's not many things as fun to me as an afternoon - or severa - playing dress up.
I was sent a nail kit, some lipglosses, some electric colours glitter eyeliners and some hair chalks.

First up I played with the nail kit, the basics behind it is that you paint your nails with a base colour (the kit provides black but you could use your own colours) and then you pick from one of the pots of assorted glitters to add to your nails, the glitters are really pretty, multi toned and different shapes and sizes.
There is then a top coat to seal it all into place.
You can see a nail look I created by clicking here.

Next up I tried the lipglosses, these were not as pigmented as I'd have liked, the only one them that shows up is the orange and that is a very subtle orange glow that you don't notice on the lips but you can see it on an arm swatch.
The colours do specify that they are sheer but they do just seem to come out like a clear glitter gloss.
I used the orange further down in an overall look but I layered it over a bright lipstick. #flashmob make lipsticks in daring colours and I would certainly love to give them a try in future to see if they have better pigmentation and pack the punch I was hoping for from these.

The colours were (from top to bottom) orange, pink, purple and blue.

Now these eyeliners were fun, they are bright and well pigmented, they are definitely good for creating more 'out-there' or raver style looks.

I used the purple one in the overall look I created below, I did try the pink too but it didn't photograph well against my skintone so I went for the purple as you can definitely see it.
They are easy to apply and the brush handle is easy to grip with a nice thin tip so you can easily create a nice wing effect if you like but you would also be able to layer these up in a colourful spin on the tuxedo eyeliner trend we saw last year.

Saving the best for last - up now is the hair chalk. These have crazy pigmentation! I started off playing with the pink chalk, the basic idea is that you open the compact, put a section of hair in, close the lid and drag it down the hair... Not going to lie - that hurt a little, so I opted for taking the sponge out and just running the sponge through my hair.
The pink colour left me with a quirky bit of pinkness running through my hair which I loved.

However, after seeing how nice the pink looked I decided to go wild and put loads of the orange colour in my hair and the result was amazing!
You can see me below in all my orange glory, I am also wearing the purple eyeliner and the orange gloss - although the gloss is over Mangrove Lipstick by MAC as it is a bright colour that I thought would go with this look.
* warning: the hair chalk is messy! I got  it everywhere and whilst washing it out my face went red but it was still fun and nothing a bit of bioderma couldn't fix*

How do you like the electric look?

Toodles xxx

*PR Sample


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