Monday, 28 April 2014

Things I'm Looking Forward To This Spring/Summer

Hello Everyone!

Today's post is a little different, you'll have seen various wishlists on my blog before but this is more of a life wishlist and all the things I'm looking forward to in the next few months.

First up, the obvious one is the weather, I don't know about you but I'm seriously ready to start enjoying some sunshine, the cold weather is getting a bit overdone now - I'm currently feeling about winter the same way I do about the expression 'YOLO' please just take it away... Far away.

Next up I'm really excited for moving, having recently bought my dream house I am in the process of  moving in and getting settled and finally getting some proper internet in here! I can't wait to decorate the whole place and make it my own, shabby chic style with country accents I have so many plans.

Makeup wise I'm excited about the return of sheer makeup, winter time is the time for full makeup, but come the spring time I like to go for a more natural look, first on my list of items to revisit are my Revlon Lip Butters, moisturising and light with a touch of colour making them perfect for any occasion.

Finally, one thing I'm really looking forward to is my brother-in-law's wedding coming up soon, I love weddings and looking at the details that have gone into it, I can't wait to see my future sister in law's dress as I know a lot of planning has gone into it and there's something about a bride's dress that captivates me, this will be the dress she spends more time thinking about than any other dress ever and the anticipation is getting to me.

I will be wearing my hair in a simple yet messy updo with a simple rope braid leading into a bun, on the actual day I will take a bit longer pinning it right but I'm popping a picture here so you can get an idea of how it will look.

For accessories I am keeping it simple and chic with a long necklace featuring pearl and flower detailing (perfect wedding style) from Majique Jewellery*

If you are are into weddings too or looking to plan one soon you should check out De Vere. They have everything you need to create your dream wedding (minus the future spouse - hopefully you will already have one of those if you're planning a wedding), in particular - their December Weddings sound gorgeous and so romantic. I picture hot mulled wine, bridesmaids in deep red, holly table decorations.... I want to get married again!
My own wedding was in Autumn - my favourite season - and it was a beautiful sunny day, it was simple but it was pretty perfect to me.
Are you married? What was your wedding like and if you have any links to a post about it please leave them below I'd love to read them.

What are you looking forward to in life at the moment?

Toodles xxx

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