Thursday, 3 April 2014

Live Laugh Love Wishlist

Hello Everyone!

Today we are carrying on with the wishlist theme due to the fact my spending ban is still in place as I have just bought a cottage and whilst I'm cutting between the two houses I have been demoted to wish list shopper as opposed to my usual 'lets buy everything!!!' Shopper status.

As I am currently dressing up my cottage I have been thinking a lot about design and little homely pieces, I am decorating the place 'shabby chic' and this pulled me to a website I had previously reviewed some pretties from (and so I know they have lovely items) Live, Laugh, Love.
If you would like to see the items I reviewed previously click here.

So without further ado, enjoy drooling over these pretty little items and do let me know if you buy anything!

First up we have this Bird and Rose Ceramic Jug.

I love the cute mix of the bird and the spray flowers on a cream background. I have a little shelf at the top of my staircase in the cottage where this could live, filled with a little selection of local wild flowers I think it would look so pretty and welcoming. For £12.95 it is a steal!

Second up we have this cute set of Bird Pictures.

I am painting the feature wall in my bedroom a buttercup yellow and I think these would contrast beautifully on the opposite wall. Each canvas has been over painted by hand which means they will all be slightly different and I like that little detail. The set of four comes in at £29.95.

Next we have this Ceramic Cat Jug.

I would use this in a slightly different way than intended, living in a country cottage I feel I should make sure I'm prepared for power cuts and I think this jug would be a lovely unique way to store a few long candles just in case! At £14.95 this isn't a bad price.

Next up is the Red Rose Wall Clock.

Roses are my favourite flower and my living room is being decorated in reds and pinks, this clock would look very pretty above the fire place. This will set you back a reasonable £14.95.

Following on from the Rose theme, here is a collection of gorgeous Modern Rose Chinz Jugs.

Depending on the size you want, these will set you back £19.95, £14.95 or £9.95. They are a stunning set and would look lovely in the kitchen as a full set or dotted around the house holding various flowers. I love the pattern on these jugs they are so feminine and pretty.

Moving on from roses we have this Heart Memo Chalk Board with Pegs

I love the vintage style of a chalkboard, it reminds me of my early years at school when teachers still used chalk boards at my school (yes really and this was the 90s before you start assuming I'm 80 years old). I love how you can write a message on the board (Live Laugh Love also sell chalk if you buy this) or if you don't have chalk you can peg notes onto the board. This costs £19.95.

Next is this Dog Treats Tin.

Now I have two dogs and it would be rude to leave them out! Plus they have figured out how to open treat bags and eat the lot so a tin would come in handy! £12.95 is the cost of keeping your dog treats hidden from my naughty pups!

Finally we have this Tin Ware Jug in Cream.

I would pop this on my bathroom windowsill and fill it fresh flowers, I'm determined there will be flowers all over my house at all times, I just think it makes everything so much more welcoming and  pretty.

So there we have it, is there anything on this wishlist that you would like?

Toodles xxx



  1. I want every single one of these things - Definatly bookmarked this page to come back later and buy haha

    Megan xx

    1. They're so pretty aren't they? I love this website xx


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