Thursday, 6 March 2014

Small Skincare Empties

Hello Everyone!

Bit of a different post today, a couple of skincare empties.
Normally I chop and change the items I use and I have a day cream and a night cream, day cleanser and night cleanser but lately I have been wanting to cut down on my product use and stick to one simple routine.
Enter my 3 piece routine.

Now this doesn't include makeup removal, I use a combination of Bioderma or L'oreal Cleansing Oil for that job, this is solely my skincare daily.

First up we have two items from Therapi. A natural skincare company that use honey combined with other botanical essences to make their organic products so amazing.
Why Honey? Well honey is actually one of the oldest ingredients that has been found in natural cosmetics, this is because honey contains I high level of nutrients and anti-oxidants and works well as a natural moisturiser and skin conditioner. Another interesting fact is that honey used to be widely used as currency years back and was a common trade item due to its many uses.

I bought the moisturiser and cleanser for my skin type, (normal if you're wondering).
The cleanser is a gel formula that you use by rubbing into a lather on a wet face. It contains honey and yucca extract (yucca is apparently pore reducing, contains a natural SPF and is anti aging) along with orange blossom and lavender extract.
The moisturiser from the same range is a lovely thick cream that sinks in so quickly you can use is both as day and night cream, most thick creams take a while to sink in or cause greasiness if you use them during the day but not this one, containing honey, calendula (a multi use flower with properties such as inflammation reduction, soothing irritation and acne reduction) and buckthorn oil (another reported anti ager and skin calmer).
These are a lovely step towards green beauty if you are wanting to start cutting down on the chemicals you use on your face.
I bought both from Naturisimo, a lovely website for all your green beauty needs (with some fantastic free gifts when you spend set around online, make sure to check out the 'Offers' section when you look at the website.

The final part of my trio is this amazing Face The World Serum. I have already written a review of this product here if you want to read more into it, but for a quick recap, I won this serum in a twitter competition and have been loving it ever since, my skin looks so much better and feels so smooth. I am so pleased I found this as I would say it is a holy grail product.

I do plan on repurchasing all of these items but due to recent unfortunate events I am now on a firm shopping ban (nooooo) so I think my skin will be crying as much as I am. Unless anyone wishes to buy me a new car? Anyone? Anyone at all? No? Didn't think so :(

Have you tried any of these? What did you think?
Toodles xxx

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