Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Majique Jewellery Review - Part 4

Hello Everyone!

Today I am showing you another beautiful bangle from Majique Jewellery.

Majique Jewellery Review

Rose gold has really been having a moment and we are seeing it everywhere, from jewellery to clothing, to make up and it's packaging, shoes, handbags and mobile phone cases it is fair to say rose gold is taking over, and that is fine and dandy by me, I love rose gold, no seriously I go wild for the stuff, add to that the sparkle detailing (you don't get a blog name like 'Sparkles of Light' without being a bit of a sparkle magpie) and you have yourself a winner in my eyes.

Majique Jewellery Review

This gorgeous bangle is probably more intended for evening wear, however, I like to rock it during the day to add a bit of glam to an everyday outfit. The sunlight (when we see it!?) catches the sparkles beautifully, drawing the eyes to your wrist which I love, sometimes I don't want to be subtle.

Majique Jewellery Review

The clasp fastening means I can have this tight against my wrist so it doesn't slide and end up with the detailing the wrong way round, the joint in the bangle also helps this stay in place without that annoying slip sliding effect I normally suffer with embellished accessories (curses to my skinny wrists!)

Majique Jewellery Review

You can pick up this pretty piece by clicking here for £17. They also have it in yellow gold if the rose gold look isn't for you.

Majique Jewellery Review

What is your opinion of rose gold? Do you think it has been overdone or do you think it's here to stay?
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