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Kardashian Beauty Review - Kourtney Kardazzle Palette

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Today's review is something I never thought I would see myself doing, a celebrity beauty product. I don't know why but I always think of celebrity beauty products as being for the young teens, poor quality and just cashing in on their influence through their celebrity name...
So is it time for me to eat humble pie after I tried this Kardashian Beauty palette?

Kardashian Beauty Review - Kourtney Kardazzle Palette

Kardashian Beauty Review - Kourtney Kardazzle Palette

The Kardashian sisters each have a face and eye palette available on Feel Unique for £14.95 (although I did get mine during the January sales so mine cost less than that and was the reason I decided to try it)
The palette itself is quite dinky, around the size of an iphone 5 screen when all folded up (although obviously a lot deeper than an iphone). The lid opens up to reveal 8 shimmery shadows.
Under the shadows is a pull out drawer that contains the cheek products, 2 blushes and a highlighter.

Kardashian Beauty Review - Kourtney Kardazzle Palette

But how do they perform?

All the shadows are very shimmery. I personally love a bit of shimmer so that doesn't bother me, however if you are looking for subtle this might not be the palette for you. Pigmentation is hit and miss, some of the shades take a bit of building to get a good payoff.
There is a bit of fall out on the darker shades so make sure you tap off your brush!
The blush shades are lovely and long wearing too, the colours really brighten up the complexion and I have been loving using them. The highlighter however is not for me, it is very purple and on my pale skin that doesn't look good, I look a bit... Dying.... But as an eye colour it is pretty so all is not lost.
Kardashian Beauty Review - Kourtney Kardazzle Palette
Top row - left
Bottom row - right

Kardashian Beauty Review - Kourtney Kardazzle Palette
Blush and highlighter swatch.

The Sparkles 5:

Kardashian Beauty Review - Kourtney Kardazzle Palette

The Kourtney Kardazzle palette scored 15/25 on the sparkles scale which isn't too bad but it's not the best scoring

Wear Time: Wear time with a primer is good, a good 8 hours on the shadows and similar with the blush, however, without a primer, the shades fade within 4 hours which isn't the best. However the staying power of the blush impressed me, and the fact that with a primer these last all day so I gave this a 4/5.
Formula: I found the formula to be pretty good for the blushers but the shadows need some improvement on the pigmentation front, this is why I awarded it an average 3/5.
Pigmentation: I'm sure you know where I stand with this now so I'll cut to the chase, 2.5/5.
Packaging: I can see where they were going with this, it is compact, same size as your debit card so in theory this is a 'throw in your handbag eyes and face saviour' yes it could be, but it also seems to require ninja powers to get in, I broke a nail trying to get into the shadows... 3/5.
Lust Factor: 2.5 out of 5 may seem harsh as I actually do like this palette, however I do own better palettes... If the shadows were more pigmented I would have rated this palette high but as it stands, I'd lust elsewhere.

So overall I do like this palette and I'm glad I own it but I'm also glad I didn't buy it at full price. I would get the other palettes but only if I found them at a reduced price.
What do you think? Have you tried any kardashian beauty?
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  1. Ooh! I really want to try this!!

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