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Etude House 'Lovely Cookie' Blush in 'Grapefruit Jelly' Review

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Today's review is of a Korean beauty product from a brand called 'Etude House'.
Being an Asian beauty product that is unavailable in the UK, I had never heard of this brand before, that was until I saw a couple of blog posts featuring the brand and I was taken in by the cute packaging and the general appeal of 'not in the UK'. Cue some eBay stalking, online colour swatch browsing and finally 'Grapefruit Jelly' was mine.

Etude House 'Lovely Cookie' Blush in 'Grapefruit Jelly' Review

However, after all that research it was inevitable I would stumble across the company website and Etude House have a somewhat... Interesting take on the female population... This is what they say on their website:
"Etude is a cosmetics brand that believes makeup should be playful and not routine. So our products are created to reflect four basic concepts: high quality, affordability, lovely design and a diverse colour range. Etude loves to promote fun make-up play for all girls around the world to be sweet."

Hmmm they almost had me there, until that last part... All girls around the world to be sweet? Little bit patronising? Well just wait... There's more.

Etude House 'Lovely Cookie' Blush in 'Grapefruit Jelly' Review

Oh Etude House. Where do I even begin with what is wrong with this? I think I will just leave it out there for us to marvel at it in its sexist, patronising and demeaning glory and then (somewhat playing up to the gender stereotype) let's talk blusher!

Etude House 'Lovely Cookie' Blush in 'Grapefruit Jelly' Review

The packaging is indeed a 'lovely design' as they intended. Inside the little pod shaped box there is a makeup puff adorned with a pretty little pink bow (Oooh I'm feeling sweeter already). Under the puff lies the powder.

Etude House 'Lovely Cookie' Blush in 'Grapefruit Jelly' Review

The powder is very finely milled and feels so soft to the touch. I picked the colour 'Grapefruit Jelly' as it was an unusual baby coral-pink shade that I didn't already have in my collection.
I was worried that with the powder being such a light shade it wouldn't suit me but I think it looks pretty applied.
Pigmentation is around average and it is buildable which I like in a blusher, I'm not overly fond of blush with massive pigmentation as it is so easy to go wrong with it - one over enthusiastic brush stroke and  your cheeks look like an episode of art attack.

Etude House 'Lovely Cookie' Blush in 'Grapefruit Jelly' Review

Although swatched out on my arm the colour appears washed out and milky, it warms up the complexion when applied to the face (cue the shameful selfie). It is not the longest wearing blush but it certainly isn't one of the quickest to wear off either, I got a good 5 hours before fading which I have found to be around the average mark.

Etude House 'Lovely Cookie' Blush in 'Grapefruit Jelly' Review

The Sparkles 5:

Etude House 'Lovely Cookie' Blush in 'Grapefruit Jelly' Review

Wear Time: Wear Time scored a 3.5 out of 5 as although this isn't a longwear blush, it isn't an instant fader either, it falls nicely into the 'average' category and wears evenly when it does fade.
Formula: This scores 5/5 as it is so smooth, evenly pigmented and blends out well. It looks quite natural when applied to the cheeks (which surprised me) and is overall just a really nice powder.
Pigmentation: I gave 3/5 here but although it isn't super pigmented, I feel like it has the right amount of colour to look natural and to be buildable so I liked the amount of colour payoff here.
Packaging: Packaging here gets a 4.5, I love the cute girly look to this product and it is different to my other blushes in my collection, however it dropped half a mark due to the fact that it is very 'girly' and although in my house I revel in the prettiness, I wouldn't use this on a train for example as being a 'grown woman' I feel the packaging of something like YSL would be more age appropriate and chic. However, at home... Yes please.
Lust Factor: Now I already mentioned the internet stalking that went into getting the right colour and finding the item from a seller with good feedback on eBay etc etc, so it  is pretty apparent that I lusted after this product, so why only 2/5? Well this is simply due to the sexist and patronising advertising of the company, the product is cute but I'm not sure every girl wants to be a sickly sweet princess who loves everyone... So a couple of points were lost here.

Overall this product scored a not too shabby 18/25.
What are your opinions? Do you own anything from this brand ? What do you think of the marketing?
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  1. Oh very beautiful color~

  2. Looks like a lovely shade but I agree it sounds a little sexist ha!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Haha I know, you'd never get away with that in the UK xx

  3. Oh would you at that packaging! This is literally the most adorable blush I've ever seen. It such a shame that this blush isn't long wearing, it won't survive on my oily face. Otherwise, you look stunning with this blush xx

    Deborah |


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