Sunday, 30 March 2014

10 Minute Makeup by Boris Entrup

Hello Everyone!

Today we are looking at a new book coming out on 1st April 2014 from DK - 10 Minute Make-up by Boris Entrup.

10 Minute Makeup by Boris Entrup

Boris Entrup is a highly sought after makeup artist, Woking on fashion shows in London, Paris, New York and Germany for brands including Gucci, Vivienne Westwood and Allude.
Boris works on TV (such as Germany's Next Model) and has worked for fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Instyle and Vogue, creating looks for Hollywood royalty such as Angelina Jolie and supermodel Naomi Campbell.
With this impressive CV it is fair to say he really knows his stuff which adds credential to this exciting book release.

"Make-up is wonderful because the transformation can be seen instantly, and the look you choose makes a very personal statement about you" - Boris Entrup

10 Minute Makeup contains 50 step by step looks, from the casual 'natural beauty' look, to catwalk looks, all easily recreated and flawless.
This book is filled with tips and tricks to help you achieve some of the most sought after looks (such as winged liner, the perfect red lip and how to rock very pink eyeshadow!), Boris also throws in some skincare tips, discusses brushes and tools and unveils foundation techniques tailored to your skin-tone (a new concept to me which made this a particularly interesting read in my opinion).

10 Minute Makeup by Boris Entrup

There is something in this book for everyone, whether you be a newcomer to the world of makeup or a bit of an obsessive (hello fellow beauty bloggers!) you will learn something which makes this a nice gift or just a valued addition to your own collection of beauty books.

10 Minute Makeup by Boris Entrup

All in all, I am loving this book and it will become a well reached for favourite in the future.
What do you think?
What are your favourite makeup books?

Toodles xxx

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  1. I need this in my life it sounds fantastic xx

    1. It comes out next week you should definitely pick it up I love it xx

  2. Will definitely be purchasing this! Looks amazing :-)


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