Sunday, 16 February 2014

Paul and Joe Colour Powder Review

Hello Everyone!

Today's review is of a gorgeous little powdered blush from Paul and Joe.

I saw pictures of this blush on Instagram and knew I had to track it down, it is one of those beautiful things you just have to have!
In the UK this seems to be an ASOS exclusive and comes in 3 shades, each with different packaging. My shade is called Amaryllis - a gorgeous powder that mimics the colour of the Amaryllis flower.
Unfortunately, the pretty design on the powder is a spray over that disappears on the first use, however, the powder left behind is beautiful!

Amaryllis is a matte blush, I don't own many matte blushers are they are pretty hard to come by, that makes this a special blusher for me that I know I will get a lot of use out of.

The packaging is so so cute, each blush on offer has a different box, mine is a vintage style horse print, there is something so classy and girly about the box which would look gorgeous sat on a vanity unit, it is so unique and different to anything else I own.

The blush itself is pretty small, the whole case is smaller than the palm of my hand which could either be a plus or a negative, negative as it means this is quite an expensive buy but it also means it will be really easy to travel with, and as I will be travelling around a lot at the moment, this blush will fast become my best friend.

Wear time is around the 5-6 hour mark which is around average for a blush.
It is easily blendable and builds well should you need it if you have a darker skintone, however if you are very pale, the pigmentation is good so you will need a lighter hand as being matte, you really notice mistakes more than you would with a shimmer.

The Sparkles 5:

Scoring 20.5 out of 25, this little box of prettiness has done quite well...

Lust: I give this a good solid 5/5 for lust factor because I saw this on Instagram and knew I had to have it, the packaging, the look of the product and even the name had me drooling in anticipation, I am still lusting after my own pictures I have uploaded here!

Wear Time:  This gets a respectable 3.5 as it is around the normal mark for a blush with me.

Pigmentation: I give the pig mention a 4/5 as it is pretty good and also buildable if you are looking to go hardcore.

Formula: Formula gets a 3/5 because it does blend well, however I did notice that if you are a bit heavy handed on initial application, getting the first 'oops' line to disappear was a little difficult.

Packaging: Lets not beat about the bush, I LOVE this cute little box of blush, it is so beautiful there's no wonder I gave it 5/5.

If you want to check these out, they are on the ASOS website so have a little look at the link, I did browse their other products and fell a little in love, they are all so chic I don't think this will be the only Paul and Joe item I have for long.
Do you own anything from Paul and Joe? Do you agree with me about this little beaut?

Toodles xxx


  1. I would love it if you could include the price in your review. Looks so lovely

    1. Hello, sorry, I popped the link in the price is on that but if u missed the link it's £20 :) xx

  2. Love the shade and even more the packaging. Stunning :)

  3. wow that is gorgeous! I've bought a few P&J bits from ASOS over the last couple of years, the packaging is so beautiful xx

    1. Hello, sorry for the late reply I only saw this message now. This is my first Paul and Joe product but I definitely want more, all their packaging is so cute too xx


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