Thursday, 6 February 2014

Lotil Original Cream Review

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Hello Everyone,

Today we are talking about a cream I have been using lately - Lotil Original Cream.

As the weather gets colder my hands always suffer chapping, especially since having a baby as I wash my hands like it is going out of fashion these days, combine that with the drying effects of soap, cleaning products (again, having a baby means I clean like never before) and the cold air when I'm out walking my dogs and you have a recipe for chapped, flaking hands.
I have been unimpressed with hand creams in the past, one in particular made my hands so much worse they actually bled, so when I was offered the chance to try a cream that is suitable for anywhere on the body that claims it softens and helps heal dry, chapped and damaged skin, I jumped at the chance.

Lotil can be bought from Boots for £3.59, click here to see it.
The description on the website is:

Lotil Original Cream softens & helps heal and prevent chapped, cracked and dry damaged skin, anywhere on the body
Lotil Original Formula Skin Cream:
- Softens & helps heal and prevent chapped, cracked and dry damaged skin. (Anywhere on the body).
- Powerful emollients rapidly rehydrate
- Antibacterial & antifungal ingredients help reduce any infection
- Helps stop cuts and broken skin from stinging
- Non greasy and rapidly absorbed
- Can help combat athletes foot
- Soothes skin after shaving
- Soap replacement for sufferers of very dry skin conditions
- Antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic
- Recommended by pharmacists, dermatologists, podiatrists & chiropodists.
So how does it perform?
The first thing I noticed was the smell, it is quite strong and medical smelling, no fancy perfumes here. This suited me as I didn't want any further perfumes that would irritate my already angry skin. The cream is quite thick but rubs in easily, sinking in and getting to work.

I have been using this before bed time and I have noticed it has really helped my dry skin, especially over the knuckles where the worst of my chapping was.


As you can see, my knuckles were very dry and red, after 4 days use they had gone back to normal, this to me, is excellent as they were really damaged.

The only downside of this product for me was the smell, although the lack of perfumes was a welcome feature, I also wasn't expecting such a strong medicated scent, however, it really works very well so I will be buying this again when mine runs out. It is rare for me to find a cream that I like, I'm super picky but I love the fact that this is multi use. I have used it on my hands and feet, both with good results.
As it is so budget friendly I recommend you try this next time you are in the market for a cream to give you extra help than the normal creams.

Have you used this cream before?

Toodles xxx

*PR Sample


  1. I've SO got to get myself some of this, my hand are like yours they get so sore and chapped xx

    1. It's horrible isn't it? I'm so glad mine are sorted for now :) I'd definitely recommend this cream xx


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