Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Klorane Nettle Shampoo for Oily Hair Review

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Hello Everyone,

Today I am reviewing a shampoo from a brand called Klorane.

Klorane are a brand that only make products infused with plant extracts and always from a sustainable source. They claim to make formulas that are pleasant to use.
With that in mind, I was excited to be sent a bottle of this to try from Escentual.com.

One thing that enticed me with this shampoo was the addition of nettle, I've never used nettle before, it actually sounds a bit terrifying, however, a bit of research later and I found out that nettles are actually a lot more than the nasty little weeds that contribute to ruining childhood for any child that manages to fall into a nice fresh batch (summer 1996 I'm looking at you!!) Ladies and Gentlemen, nettles have a kinder side too, such as being known to help with eczema and acne, it is also a detox and an aphrodisiac (ooh-eer) but today we are looking at how it performs in this oil control shampoo.

Oily hair can be the bane of your life, the more oily your hair is, the more you wash it and then it gets  more stripped and that leads to more oil.... FRUSTRATION!
Klorane Nettle Shampoo claims to absorb excess sebum found in your hair to help you need to wash your hair less over time, it also claims to leave hair more volumised (that'll be due to the lack of oiliness weighing it down I assume) and leave it soft. Sounds fantastic, but is it any good?

As I have mentioned, I was pretty eager to try this shampoo and I have been using it for a couple  of weeks, and I have to be honest, I really really like this shampoo, the smell is very different to the heavily perfumed shampoos I normally use, it is very subtle and natural smelling, in actual truth is reminds me a bit of mint and pea soup, but the smell doesn't linger in your hair, you just smell clean.
Lathering is easy and, after following with my normal conditioner, my hair was left feeling fresh, clean and soft.
Over time I have definitely noticed that I can go longer between washes than I normally do, which has been useful as I have been super busy lately and washing my hair has been a chore rather than part of my routine.

Another thing I should mention is that I have a very sensitive scalp and am currently in a break out of psoriasis on my scalp, this has meant that finding shampoos has been a nightmare as the wrong choice can lead to very sore reactions, whilst this one didn't seem to help my problem (it isn't supposed to) it certainly didn't leave me feeling sore and stinging as washing my hair normally has been, this makes this an ever bigger win for me.

Insert picture of me having a good hair day:

All in all I have loved this shampoo and I will be trying more from the range when I run out of this one, if you want to see more from the range or pick up this one, have a look on the Escentual website by clicking the link.

Hope you enjoyed the review!
Toodles xxx

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