Sunday, 9 February 2014

Greenland Beauty Review

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Hello Everyone!

Today I am reviewing a Dutch beauty brand called 'Greenland'.

Greenland is a natural and organic brand that are free of parabens and artificial colourings.
They also don't test on animals which is great, (this includes through third parties) and try to avoid using any ingredients from animal origin in their products, however, they do use some animal products in a small minority of their products such as lanolin (wool fat) or beeswax (cera alba) so if this is a no no for you, make sure you check out any ingredients lists before you make any purchases.

From the humble beginnings of starting at the kitchen table of a Husband and Wife team in 1990, to now being sold in over 35 countries, it is fair to say that this is a company on the rise but they haven't forgotten their humble beginnings as all the products are still made in the Netherlands or Belgium.
Offering a few ranges, there is plenty of choice.
The three pieces I have are from the Fruit Extracts range, the products in this range contain 100% concentrated extract from the actual fruit, not the peel or the flower. I have papaya extract, papaya
supposedly helps unclog pores and dissolves dead skin to leave you feeling soft and smooth.

The packaging of these products is not a win for me, I'm quite fussy on packaging and in my opinion, they don't look like anything special, but that is just personal opinion.
Inside, the products smell sweet and fruity, the scent is quite strong and sticks around quite a while so this is not a product you want to use if you are going to wear perfume as these products perfume you enough (Think Laura Mercier body creams, this is the same sort of strong, stick around scent).

The shower gel is see through with a gel texture, it smells very strongly of papaya fruit and sweetness. I use it on a poofe and it lathers really well.
After my shower I feel really clean and smell like summer, it helps wake you up in the morning, which I like.

The body butter is a thick white cream that turns almost watery when you put it on your skin, it sinks in easily and doesn't leave you sticky, wet or greasy. As I said earlier, the smell lingers so you won't need perfume when you wear this product, especially if you layer it with the shower gel of the same flavour.

The face mask also has the same strong scent that might put a few people off, it has little graunules in it that exfoliate the skin and leave you feeling soft and scrubbed after use.

All in all, these products work well together if you want to layer scents but if you aren't out to later, you could use all of these products on their own.
Have you ever heard of Greenland? Have any of your tried any of their products?

Toodles xxx

*PR sample



  1. Haven't heard of this brand before, but I really like the look of the face mask and body butter. I can only imagine how great they must smell :)

  2. Not a brand I have come across, not too sure I would like the scent, it would probably remind me of that St Ives Scrub everyone used to use.

    1. Oh I've not tried that so I can't say of they're similar xx


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