Sunday, 23 February 2014

Accessories Week: Forage and Find Review

Hello Everyone!

This week on Sparkles of Light I will be showing you some pretty accessories I am enjoying at the moment.
First up on the agenda is Forage and Find.
I first heard of this company when I saw them advertising a gorgeous necklace on twitter, a quick twitter chat with them and an online browse, resulted in me placing a small order an hour or so later for a Victorian coin necklace, the coin is a real penny from the Victorian times that has been attatched to a chain. It is gorgeous and so unique.

I love the general idea behind Forage and Find, basically they take old unloved parts of vintage items (sometimes jewellery or watches but sometimes it can be as random as an old 1930s typewriter) and use these items to create unique, vintage feel jewellery.
This appeals to me because I hate having the same jewellery as everyone else, I am always looking for original or unusual pieces, because of this, I have found myself browsing the website on a weekly basis making mental wish lists as I go.

Have you bought anything from Forage and Find? I'd love to see what you bought.

Toodles xxx


  1. I have never bought anything from this company but their stuff looks so adorable and cute that I might just have to get a few pieces!

    1. Hi :) they certainly have a lot of gorgeous and unique pieces, I would love it if they had a shop somewhere to visit xx

  2. Adore the penny chain and the idea behind the company- sounds so original!
    Beautiful blog!

    Lauren-Robyn ❤

  3. Thank you :)
    I thought it was a great idea too I love having things few others have :) xx


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