Friday, 3 January 2014

The Sparkles 5

Hello Everyone!

Quick post just to let you know about the new rating system starting on my blog for makeup reviews, it wont apply to skincare, accessories etc but you should start to see it on every makeup review.
It is called 'The Sparkles 5' and will look like this:

As you can see it is a 5 point star system, each category will be marked out of 5 and so the total score for any makeup item will be a number out of 25.
This will make it easy to compare any makeup reviews I write and also get a quick feel for a product.

The points are:
  1. Wear Time: How long a product holds up for?
  2. Lust Factor: How much you need this product in your wishlists?
  3. Formula: Is it smooth? Does it blend? Is it scratchy?
  4. Pigmentation: Do you really need to pack this product on before you get any payoff or is it good to go straight from the packing?
  5. Packaging: If you real my blog a lot you will know I am a bit fanatical about packaging, I like things to look pretty, to feel nice to hold and to enhance the overall experience of the product.
And there we have it, a quick catch up and see you soon.

Toodles xxx



  1. Great idea! Look forward to seeing your reviews using this system x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    1. Thank you, a new review is up now using the system ;) xx

  2. Love this rating idea! Is so helpful on your last post! xx

    1. Thank you I love rating systems I just think it makes an opinion easier to see xx


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