Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Powder Scarves Review and Show

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Hello Everyone,

Today I am showing you two beautiful scarves from Powder .

Powder is a company based in Edinburgh and started by best friends Lisa Beaumont and Lucas Nicholls back in 2009, they now work with two other friends and Flossie the Labradoodle (who doesn't love a friendly office dog to liven up the day?!)
Lisa and Lucas have a whopping 45 years experience of designing and branding between them and that is evident when you see their scarves, they are simply beautiful.
Powder launched their first collection in the spring of 2009 with the criteria that all scarves needed to be soft, bright and colourful with plenty of texture and this has remained the criteria ever since.

Powder have different categories to shop from in their 'Collections' section of the website, there is 'Light and Floaty', 'Warm and Wintery', 'Posh and Scrumptious', 'Chic and Boho' and 'Chamonix'. Some of the collections offer more pieces that compliment the scarves, such as gloves or hats and these additions are just as beautiful to lust over as everything else on the website.
The two scarves I have are from the 'Chic and Boho' collection.

First up is 'Monica':
Described on the website as having 'Oodles of texture and bounce - stunning with a winter coat' and I have to say, this scarf is stunning with anything. The colour reminds me of the beautiful ballgowns of the 1700's royal court, it is eye-catching and unique. It does indeed bounce as you walk and shifts in the light to allow the subtle blue to come into the fore. I love how this scarf looks on and I have had a fair few compliments when wearing it!

If you would like to see one of the ways I wore this scarf, click to see my OOTD post featuring this beauty.

Next up is 'Juliet' in the Teal Mix shade. 
Described on the website as 'As extra long scarf woven with silky ribbon, bobbly threads and lots of cosyness to keep you warm!' and it really does keep you warm and snug all day. The colours in this scarf are bright, cheery and lively, it reminds me of the sea on the sunny day, the glints of greens and blues but still has the greys and shadows of the seas I grew up around as a child. This is a beautiful scarf and really brings out the green in my eyes.

I have worn this scarf with comfy jumpers and skinny jeans but also as a colour clash statement scarf which you can see in my OOTD here.

Overall I have to say these are gorgeous scarves and I look forward to seeing more from Powder in the future as I love beautiful accessories especially when they have such high quality!

What do you think? What would you like from Powder?

Toodles xxx

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  1. You are right, two wonderful scarves from the Powder range. Actually there are so many wonderful scarves in the range I'd be very hard pressed to say which is my favourite. What I will say is that on the lead up to Mother's Day they flew out of the door!
    ~ Rhianne

    1. They are really pretty I love powder scarves xx


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