Sunday, 12 January 2014

My Beauty Compare

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Hello Everyone!

Today is a little post about the new website 'My Beauty Compare'
This is an exciting website, founded by Nidhima Kohli, that searches hundreds of thousands of beauty products from over 1500 brands and can help women match themselves to a plethora of items based on their personal specifications.

How does the website know your specifications? Well to register with the site you are asked to fill in a few details about yourself, this includes skin tone, skin type, eye colour, skin complaints (dark circles, hyperpigmentation, acne etc) hair colour, and so on. There are also a couple of lifestyle questions such as how much alcohol you consume, diet type etc.

This should, in theory, make a personalised search engine for you that shows only products suitable for you and not that of everyone else. This would be a breath of fresh air to many women as I'm sure most beauty enthusiasts have been let down by purchasing a hyped product totally unsuitable for them even though someone else loved it... Baby Lips - I'm talking to you here!

I am told that this is the world's first personalised recommendation site for beauty products and even goes further with the addition of the worlds first price comparison site for beauty products too. I'm sure you will agree that this sounds a pretty exciting prospect as if you're anything like me you will have bought a product only to see it cheaper elsewhere a few days later and spend about a week cursing yourself about it.

Registration is free and as a registered member you can also access the Forum to chat beauty with like minded people, a reviews section with products rated on a 5 star scale, however, instead of stars 'My Beauty Compare' uses lips which I think is a cute little addition.

Another appealing addition to the website is a 'Meet the Experts' section. Here you will find a selection of industry professionals (some having worked with celebrities and on TV shows such as 'X-Factor') offering hints and tips, which makes for a very interesting read.

Overall this is a promising addition to a beauty lover's arsenal and I can really see this website growing and becoming well known and well used.

After a good look around I'm already starting to compile a wish list...

What are your opinions? Have you registered yet? Leave a comment I would love to hear your experiences.

Toodles xxx

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